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It's the end, and a farewell to my Shelby GT500! Sadly the Where's Shmee US Edition tour is over and alas that means parking up the Shmeemobile for now. What comes next we shall have to wait and see, but for now it's a last and final drive in the GT500.
The adventure in the USA has been incredible with the GT500; from driving coast to coast, with daily driving, drag races, a top speed run, trackday and so much more along the way. It's been a very quick few months since finding the car on Auto Tempest, to taking delivery at Ikonick and then installing the SunTek Reaction PPF and Altered Black stripes. However, it has not skipped a beat and what a car it has been along the way.
While it started in a sporadic way, after originally planning to take delivery of a GT500 in 2020 and that going fairly pear-shaped, but after ending up in the USA for the entirety of the year so far it was a case of the right time and finding the right car for it! In the short period that's followed, this particular car has probably been up to more antics than many would do in a much, much longer time with an action packed scheduled.
However, what happens now? I'm not selling it, I will be keeping this car, but for the time being it will of course be parked up and effectively stored for an unknown period of time until I can return and continue the adventures with it in the USA. Therefore this now means getting it fully cleaned up with Detail Geeks and a final drive at least for this tour.
In the future it will almost certainly be exported and brought over to the UK to join the cars in my collection, but I'd like to enjoy it more in the USA before doing so, which means that might be Q4 2021 depending what happens with travel rules around the world in the meantime.
Make sure to check out the sale we are now running with 20% off the US themed designs:
Thanks to Detail Geeks for prepping the car ready for storage:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:53 Recap
04:45 Plan
05:24 Drive
10:14 Last Fillup
11:07 Detail Geeks
11:38 Sian Spotted
13:35 Final Drive
16:13 Bye Bye GT500
17:26 Wrap Up
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee15027 giorni fa

    It's farewell to my Shelby GT500 for now! Check out the sale we have on the US designs in the Cheers shop:

  • Gaming and Audio

    Gaming and Audio

    26 giorni fa

    Shmee, is it possible to change your shelby from a LHD car, into a RHD car.

  • Tenn Titan

    Tenn Titan

    26 giorni fa

    Loved the where’s shmee America tour! Can’t wait till you come back and do another one, maybe through the heartland, badlands and the country sides of the US, not just the bigger cities. Either way, love the videos Shmee!

  • Korey Himself

    Korey Himself

    26 giorni fa

    Shmee just move to the US already

  • BigBaron D

    BigBaron D

    26 giorni fa

    Funny how you apparently didn't go back to the UK so you wouldn't be trapped there. Their loss, our gain!

  • mike bjork

    mike bjork

    26 giorni fa

    Its an amazing car and what its capabilities are especially for a 4200lb car ford built an absolute beast

  • Six Ply Maple
    Six Ply Maple12 giorni fa

    I was excited to see this car in the UK. The reactions would be hilarious lol.

  • PaltryShelf816


    10 giorni fa

    U will never see this car in Europe. The car is actually illegal in Europe

  • ChipZilla69
    ChipZilla6919 giorni fa

    I've only done 16k miles in 3 years in my m240 😂

  • BetioBastardDoc
    BetioBastardDoc19 giorni fa

    Shmee I’m in Florida. When are you coming back to Florida????? Love to meet you mate.

  • ALI Suroor
    ALI Suroor21 giorno fa

    We have not seen this green bird flying over the earthly streets. I hope that it will release its wings from a state of isolation and stillness.

  • The Skid God
    The Skid God21 giorno fa

    Who tf dislikes shmee’s videos?! I really want to know

  • Afdal Asadullah
    Afdal Asadullah21 giorno fa


  • Rickardo Andersson
    Rickardo Andersson21 giorno fa

    I love to watch shmee but he have to grown up.. this donkey laugh have to go in end of all clips, he is grown up man now and i throw up when he say still sound like a teen age boy. Shmee have never try to be a teen. He go around with same 3 shirts wich he have done from 3 year old to today.. everything about him says a rich boy with money from parents. His sister is more normal. And she dont laugh like a donkey

  • Octane Parker
    Octane Parker22 giorni fa

    Change your intro.

  • GO TIME 123
    GO TIME 12323 giorni fa

    Need to move from the UK to the U.S!

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    Faraz Saegh23 giorni fa

    Ford Shelby GT500 better WOW good. ba ba ba

  • A.J. W.
    A.J. W.23 giorni fa

    Such an epic tour. I'm convinced you're more American than I at this point ;) Really enjoyed following along. Sorry to hear about the Taycan!

  • SheShe Pawpaw
    SheShe Pawpaw24 giorni fa

    Glad you plan to keep it. Also looking forward to seeing you drive it in Europe. What do you like about the Mustang? I have a 2020GT Convertible and enjoy the way it drives as well as the engine sound. I appreciate the love you showed for the Mustang!!

  • Lucas
    Lucas24 giorni fa

    Hi guys am shmee 😂😂 .. hate the way he says this every vedio

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    abitoutofsorts25 giorni fa

    5:32 WORTH IT!!!

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    PixersKev Production25 giorni fa

    7000 miles in 2 month.. this is crazy

  • Silver Haze
    Silver Haze25 giorni fa

    There are some companies that import the GT500 in Europe, but the price is a bit high, like 200k euros or more with all the specs

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    michael graystone25 giorni fa

    Hi Shmee please don’t be offended but its not ettiequte to address an audience while wearing sun glasses we want to see your eyes for some reason lol

  • Dewy
    Dewy25 giorni fa


  • Eddie Falcon
    Eddie Falcon25 giorni fa

    I hope you are at least going to put a cover and a battery tender. Awesome car. Enjoy

  • Skynx72
    Skynx7225 giorni fa

    Incredible video series! I actually went to Florida a month ago to some of the places you had gone to before that. Can't wait for more videos in Europe and then back to the US!

  • Darren Nice
    Darren Nice25 giorni fa

    Love the Cobra puddle lights. Nice touch 👌🏼

  • TS Frostly
    TS Frostly25 giorni fa

    im in miami right now, im hoping to see that sian and maybe some other cool cars. i saw a f8 tributo, pista, performante, and some other things

  • ebn hahn
    ebn hahn25 giorni fa

    Glad to know that this GT500 will be screaming in the streets of Europe....

  • J Hudson
    J Hudson25 giorni fa

    I thought for sure it was going to Barry's collection for storage, I was wrong.

  • DatSaltyGamer
    DatSaltyGamer25 giorni fa

    When’s the next one? XD

  • Bely Bob
    Bely Bob25 giorni fa

    Crazy multiple PCR tests when returning to the UK is ruining our freedom!

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    Mad GTR25 giorni fa

    Hey shmee are you going to put the rear seats back in the Shelby when you get back in the uk

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    Brian Longley25 giorni fa

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    spadgm25 giorni fa

    What a great car, and the Where's Shmee US Tour seemed to go pretty fast! Time flies when you're having fun!

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    Big Jumbo25 giorni fa

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  • Vegas Driver
    Vegas Driver25 giorni fa

    Should have done a full corsa exhaust before saying bye to it for now. It would be even more epic with the corsa exhaust. Maybe some headers and a smaller pulley and a tune as well. Make its around 900rwhp

  • AnimeFan0013
    AnimeFan001325 giorni fa

    I'm so glad you were able to make it to Columbus to check out The Triple F Collection at the beginning of your US tour!

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    Jay Squared25 giorni fa

    You’re right by me in North Miami. Lehman Causeway is a fun run from Biscayne to Collins, right? Great area for SuperCar spotting 😎

    TV SOUND SYSTEM25 giorni fa

    Thanks Shmee 😎 How long would it be before the Ford it comes to the UK?

  • thedude abides
    thedude abides25 giorni fa

    This car is not rated on how many miles it can go per gallon, it’s rated on how many gallons it uses per mile! Once we are all forced out of ICE...I mean...happily driving our EVs, only the very wealthy will be able to drive a car like this.

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    Sabri -25 giorni fa

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    Ted Carnduff26 giorni fa

    Really enjoyed your US Edition tour!! It’s funny that on the day that you started your tour I actually collected my new Ford Mustang ecoboost over in Northern Ireland! I’ve been enjoying putting miles on mine just like you have. Keep up the great work Shmee!!

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    Vedaant Patel26 giorni fa

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    Sam Walling26 giorni fa

    Gonna miss this beast!!! Loved the US tour! Keep it up Tim 👍

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    David Billberg26 giorni fa

    What an epic ending to an incredible adventure. Next up the Shmuseum!

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    Isaac Johnson

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    Saying it this way is more common in the south of England, also posher english people are more likely to pronounce it like this. Although both pronunciations Ga-rahj and ga-ridge are used quite commonly and interchangeably across the UK

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    Cure Roofing Ltd26 giorni fa

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    can i get 20,000 Subscribers for my pet kitty?26 giorni fa

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    Khaizuran K-Man

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    Marco Jordan

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    Paul Mack26 giorni fa

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