Ferrari 812 Superfast COLLECTION DAY! My Friend's New Supercar

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On the road in my BMW M3 to collect a Ferrari 812 Superfast! My friend @Sam Moores has bought an absolutely stunning new supercar in the form of the V12 beast from Maranello and it's time for the delivery at Tom Hartley and to bring it back home!
After picking up my new BMW M3 Competition from Topaz Detailing, the first proper outing for it is immediately to head out and collect another very special car. The M3 has received front end and sills Paint Protection Film to keep the Isle of Man Green paintwork looking fantastic going forwards, and I'm sure this won't be the only time it heads to visit a showroom for one reason or another!
However, today is a trip to Tom Hartley, a first time visiting for me, to have a look around and pick up Sam's newest addition, the incredible Ferrari 812 Superfast. Having bought a car in Tour de France Blue with a Cuoio tan interior, it goes without saying that I'm exceedingly envious! In the showroom at Tom Hartley are some great things to see including the Koenigsegg Agera RSN, Pagani Huayra, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and plenty of the latest and greatest supercars from a Ferrari F12tdf and Speciale Aperta to McLaren 675LT Spider Carbon Series.
Over the years, Sam and I have been to many a car collection day together, but somehow it's already been 8 years since we went to pick up his 997.2 GT3 RS that he still owns! Since then he's joined me at the AMG GT R, Ford GT, McLaren Senna and more, and amusingly about 13 years ago we actually co-owned a car together in New Zealand. It's a huge congratulations to him though on this acquisition which joins a lovely garage including his blue Ferrari F40 amongst others.
You can follow Sam on his pages:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:44 Plans Ahead
02:55 Heading to the Dealer
05:26 Showroom Tour
07:22 812 Superfast Reveal
09:13 Into the Sunshine
11:18 Back on the Road
16:45 Checkpoint
19:00 Wrap Up
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee15013 giorni fa

    It's collection day of my friend Sam's Ferrari 812 Superfast, and a first outing in my new M3 too! I wonder how long it'll be until another V12 joins the Shmeemobiles as well?! Find Sam here:

  • Cooney. B

    Cooney. B

    12 giorni fa

    You 100% should add an 812 SuperFast to your collection! It's a driver's car that looks, sounds & performs amazingly well. Another stunning example as to why Ferrari is so much classier & all around nicer than Lamborghini.

  • Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    12 giorni fa

    Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible and Congratulations to your friend Sam for taking Delivery of his Absolutely Gorgeous 812 Superfast and I can't wait to see one on the Channel

  • Ayrton Senna

    Ayrton Senna

    12 giorni fa

    Please get a Jaguar. I would love to see your F type svr

  • Aaron Chapman

    Aaron Chapman

    13 giorni fa

    Replacement for your sold GT C4Luso

  • Cephas Makuzva

    Cephas Makuzva

    13 giorni fa

    where was Carl

  • Sean
    SeanGiorno fa

    Black wheels and light interior look awesome💯 I hate boring black interiors. Definitely one of the nicest Ferrari’s 💯💯💯

  • Tridente Fanatico
    Tridente Fanatico2 giorni fa

    The 812 is glorious. The M3 is sadly the ugliest ever produced by BMW

  • Gaming Power
    Gaming Power5 giorni fa

    The wheel is on the wrong side, they scammed you.

  • Bolek989
    Bolek9896 giorni fa

    Pretty poor spec tbh not special at all

  • bilal billu
    bilal billu7 giorni fa

    After seeing the thumbnail i thought that was ed boolean from vinwiki

  • Kyle Carr
    Kyle Carr8 giorni fa

    Leave the wheels black dude!

    DOWORK EXOTICS8 giorni fa

    TDF Blue over tan is just perfect.

  • nycshelbygt500
    nycshelbygt5008 giorni fa

    WoW! I'll take it. Just the Ferrari floor mats, not the 812. Those are gorgeous floor mats. New rule. If you are going to collect a shiny new supercar, you have to take a supercar to the dealership. The BMW G80 M3 is a few cylinders short for collecting a Ferrari 812. Surprised they let you park the BMW M3 so close to the display windows.

  • I am legend
    I am legend9 giorni fa

    You should sell that lusso and buy a 812 . That will be epic

  • Jason Wood
    Jason Wood9 giorni fa

    M3 look like crap , Not a fan of the looks at all

  • shiznuts
    shiznuts9 giorni fa

    woah that exposed carbon McLaren... I need a drool bucket

  • Mud Plugging
    Mud Plugging9 giorni fa

    Wuhey, the 1st honest review of a BMW M car, "It's a bit busy", no, these cars are horrendous if you want to travel any distance in with other passengers. O.k. on your own for 10 miles or so, but the fun is soon over.

  • Marco Smith
    Marco Smith9 giorni fa

    The Angry 🐎

  • Hashim Mir
    Hashim Mir9 giorni fa

    Where’s the m8 Tim?

  • Riley Kovacs
    Riley Kovacs9 giorni fa

    I love these old school vloggy style videos (where its not your car thats in the spotlight) I remember first watching you just before your R8 Spyder unveil

    D SUMMERS10 giorni fa

    A fine looking machine and remarkable that it was your first visit to the Hartley Estate. Wishing Sam many miles of happy motoring. Thank you.

  • Redlinemaxx
    Redlinemaxx10 giorni fa

    Wow!! Can't get used to the start-up....

  • Maciej Drelichowski
    Maciej Drelichowski10 giorni fa

    Sweter matches car colour.

  • matt hayward
    matt hayward10 giorni fa

    That M3 physically makes me feel ill

  • emilio blanco
    emilio blanco10 giorni fa

    Is that an automated curtain puller?

  • Sam Walling
    Sam Walling10 giorni fa

    I’ve loved this set up from Ferrari for a while. Such an insane configuration! Front engine v12 rwd. Congrats!!!

  • Tomas Unden
    Tomas Unden10 giorni fa

    Yep. Stunning spec.

  • Tim Terry
    Tim Terry10 giorni fa

    One of the ugliest front ends of any car. The m3: 👁👄👁

  • Brady Bain
    Brady Bain10 giorni fa

    Why did he order black wheels when he wanted silver wheels

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith11 giorni fa

    Shmee get an 812 specced from factory to keep

  • Kittikorn Worasan
    Kittikorn Worasan11 giorni fa

    damn I still hate how the m3 looks man

  • Mike Simms
    Mike Simms11 giorni fa

    Guy is such a tool

  • Mitchell 7
    Mitchell 711 giorni fa

    Wait a minute, Tim said " the Hood". He's been in the states too long!

  • Horace Phistbump
    Horace Phistbump11 giorni fa

    Public school tossers

  • David Small
    David Small11 giorni fa

    Tim, hopefully you will get to do more of your unplanned vids, they are awesome fun. Thanks

  • Daniel Nielsen
    Daniel Nielsen11 giorni fa

    their lake is more like a pond

  • Michael Ördög
    Michael Ördög11 giorni fa

    Was the ferrari brand new? no running in process? I do understand not resisting the temptation, but still..

  • N Watts
    N Watts11 giorni fa

    Tim is about to spend some money

  • D Wnright
    D Wnright11 giorni fa

    Sam - love that blue - looks awesome

  • D Wnright
    D Wnright11 giorni fa

    Tim - agree 100% - best series production on the planet right now & a GTS version too.

  • SprHung
    SprHung11 giorni fa

    At last, somebody on the channel who is wearing sunglasses that fit their face and haven't got a silly blue tint on the lenses, where can I buy them? 😎😂

  • Rajesh Rajesh
    Rajesh Rajesh11 giorni fa

    F&ick that Ferrari i love that blue agera rs😍

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater11 giorni fa

    Shmee you’re A BALLER so why couldn’t u buy an 812 now🤔🤑.

  • amstaylorph
    amstaylorph11 giorni fa

    If you love Ferrari V12's so much, why did you get rid of your GTC 4 Lusso you berk?

  • Bricks
    Bricks11 giorni fa

    Thought that was Ed in the thumbnail then I was like Ed would never

  • Matt Ponting
    Matt Ponting11 giorni fa

    Shmee, have you considered getting rid of the AMG GT Convertible and the AMG GTR Pro ( Now you have the SLS Black and GT Black)and snagging yourself an 812 Superfast, or even better, an 812 GTS? Just a thought! If the maths works I've no idea! Love your channel, epic vehicles and content, you got me back in to cars 🚗😀🥰 Cheeeeeeeers!

  • DongleLife
    DongleLife11 giorni fa

    Hey Tim will you be getting a 812 VS?

  • Art M
    Art M11 giorni fa

    A front end grill only a mother could love

  • Bully Garage
    Bully Garage11 giorni fa

    Great video mate , you are inspiring me to keep grinding hard on my own ITwindow channel

  • KoenigseggKid
    KoenigseggKid11 giorni fa

    Isn't this the guy you picked up the 997 GT3RS blue and white for? Like 4 or 5 years ago?

  • D H
    D H11 giorni fa

    How old is this fellow? He knows his friend over 20 years ?

  • D H
    D H11 giorni fa

    You literally went to an entirely different country to ski.....

  • Borna
    Borna12 giorni fa

    why did i think he was andy murray the heck?

  • mike isaacs
    mike isaacs12 giorni fa

    My dream car

  • Louis Wingate
    Louis Wingate12 giorni fa

    Lucky Sam!! :)

  • rex Previously
    rex Previously12 giorni fa

    The front of the M3 makes me think of Jaguar for some reason, but the back of it doesn't.

  • monika weber
    monika weber12 giorni fa

    The M3 speck is so gay.

  • Rick W
    Rick W12 giorni fa

    Smashed the spec on that, well done to the first owner 😍

  • Bling
    Bling12 giorni fa

    Sams 812 Superfast is really cool

  • B Barton
    B Barton12 giorni fa

    Great video Tim, good to mix things up with a more casual impromptu video👌

  • Steven
    Steven12 giorni fa

    He looks like that VinWiki dude

  • Ashish Immanuel
    Ashish Immanuel12 giorni fa

    Can U pls do a review on the bugatti la voiture noir pllllllllllllllssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss just like the one u did with the SSC plsssssssssss :))

  • Louis d'Oliveira
    Louis d'Oliveira12 giorni fa

    And the gigling is back in full force.

  • Cooney. B
    Cooney. B12 giorni fa

    Man Oh Man that Ferrari 812 SuperFast is a work of art! Such a beautiful & insanely cool spec'd machine. Def a bucket list car. That model, the f8 & sf90 blow away anything that lamborghini has to choose from. Congrats to you & your friend on the new vehicles/additions to the collections.

  • Dan Frederiksen
    Dan Frederiksen12 giorni fa

    Is it electric though? it sounds suspiciously not electric. Surely they didn't make a crude ICE car in 2021. Regarding the BMW, is BMW aware that design of a car is fairly important to the brand appeal? I say that out of concern that BMW might be in a self destructive mindset. Also I hear that Taycan is outselling the 911 now, which has to be a rather sobering moment for Porsche. but kudos for doing something right. BMW doesn't have much in that department. They really had the chance with the i8 but soiled it with the ice. It could have played the role the Taycan does today and so many years ago. Alas.

  • Ed
    Ed12 giorni fa

    Telling that story about the Subaru Leone was amazing, I found myself out in NZ for a year in 2013-2014 and happened to also own a 1987 Subaru Leone! What an absolute character he was, my Murray Brown.

  • Blueecobeast
    Blueecobeast12 giorni fa

    I literally saw this car yesterday damn I’ll be posting my little video on it tomorrow hehe 👍💯 blue Helen I believe is the color

  • SWJ
    SWJ12 giorni fa

    Posh blokes

  • Kondzio
    Kondzio12 giorni fa

    Blue turning into purple is one of the best colours! Love it. On the other hand, brown interior is the worst option for interior IMO.

  • TheFunkhouser
    TheFunkhouser12 giorni fa

    Thanks for mentioning New Zealand Tim! We loved having you guys here. I remember fully! You two were awesome, fun times 😍💯❤

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  • Michael Aebi
    Michael Aebi12 giorni fa

    Incredible car :) Just never understand why so many people put black wheels...

  • Anthony Rowe
    Anthony Rowe12 giorni fa

    Very nice watch you got there Shmee

  • Ali RS
    Ali RS12 giorni fa

    Love these spontaneous videos

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  • Andrew Kaye
    Andrew Kaye12 giorni fa

    We should all troll him to get 812 or 812 gts,he hasn't had a v12 since selling the lusso,he loves the 812 make it happen this year

  • matthew roberts
    matthew roberts12 giorni fa

    Great video again Tim

  • Peter Moody
    Peter Moody12 giorni fa

    Great to have good friends Tim.

  • SkinnyPete
    SkinnyPete12 giorni fa

    Now you have to get a 812 superfast

  • bowlerwildcatGaming2016
    bowlerwildcatGaming201612 giorni fa

    I want that house next to the dealership With the Bugatti Veyron Supersport & Kurneggseg Agira in the Garage

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  • Lucas Simões
    Lucas Simões12 giorni fa

    I really hope that some day Tim will gonna add an 812 to his collection!

  • Pasquale
    Pasquale12 giorni fa

    I bet Tim really misses having a Ferrari in the garage.

  • Alin Luta
    Alin Luta12 giorni fa

    That green BMA is a very ugly car man.

  • Steve BHP DEVON
    Steve BHP DEVON12 giorni fa

    There is not a better sounding Ferrari than the 812 😀

  • Sam Strange
    Sam Strange12 giorni fa

    buy that SLR

  • yaniolek S
    yaniolek S12 giorni fa

    Sweterki są najlepsze :D

  • Pradipta Das
    Pradipta Das12 giorni fa

    For me the greatest super series production car is aventador

  • Dave1
    Dave112 giorni fa

    Get one you know you want to 🤣🤣

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  • RE Rueda Motor
    RE Rueda Motor12 giorni fa

    Congratulations to your friend for his new Ferrari!!!

  • George Kitchen
    George Kitchen12 giorni fa

    Where is the lake? Fuming

  • Bert Ernie
    Bert Ernie12 giorni fa

    What happened to looking at the famous lake where they take the photos?! Shmee lied.

  • Ben Gosling
    Ben Gosling12 giorni fa

    Front engine V12 Ferrari's are my preference! However I love 812s in Yellow the Blue is too bland for my tastes. Love the IoM green beamer though..

  • bobbyoty
    bobbyoty12 giorni fa

    i think that the SF90 stradale is way practical regarding to owne's costs.

  • Nuno Sousa
    Nuno Sousa12 giorni fa


  • Simon Parsons
    Simon Parsons12 giorni fa

    Fabulous car - wouldn't buy a packet of Polos from Tom Hartley though, the guy is the definition of arrogant.

  • Miguel Moninhas
    Miguel Moninhas12 giorni fa

    6:45 that bugatti i dont know if im right but i saw one with the same exact spec im geneva a few years ago with arabic plates

  • Die Roten1900
    Die Roten190012 giorni fa

    This video is like that meme of the guy holding the girls hand while looking back at another girl. The m3 is the girl he's with and the 812 is the girl he's looking back at😂😂

  • shiznuts


    9 giorni fa

    Well, I believe there's a special version coming in like a week or maybe two of the 812? Not sure, but it looks proper sick! That might be the one to get. -- Oh, already out there!

  • la Putin
    la Putin12 giorni fa

    awesome vieo!!

  • Francis Atobra
    Francis Atobra12 giorni fa

    Thought that was ed from vinwiki for a second when i saw the thumbnail

  • t105x104
    t105x10412 giorni fa

    So hapoy for Sam. I like blue on black! 💙

  • natbarron


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    Hapoy 😂

  • Mystic Man
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    I think the 812 is a must have in a collection.

  • TheFrankybody
    TheFrankybody12 giorni fa

    I wonder if the people who buys these cars have millions in the bank or just reaaally high cashflow.

  • SBK Peace
    SBK Peace12 giorni fa

    Brit living in NZ for 6.5 years 😎 congrats on the 812 Sam! YES silver wheels 👌

  • Mark Cady
    Mark Cady12 giorni fa

    Love love love this video, great cars, good friends all having a excellent day...... I detect an 812 will be arriving soon...?

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    I think shmee should add a ferrari F12 tdf to his collection

  • eSysman SuperYachts
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    You can hear Tim’s brain working here. (These colours look good together) set the timer folks! Haha

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