GR YARIS EXHAUST UPGRADE! Milltek Non-Resonated OPF Back System Installed

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A compulsory upgrade for any tuning project; a new exhaust! For my GR Yaris, I've opted for Milltek Sport's 3" Non-Resonated OPF Back system which we can hear both before and after around the install at Milltek's HQ on the Shmeemobile. What an improvement!
The Toyota GR Yaris arrived in my garage to be a bit of a fun project, and after making a livery for it with Dub Customs, the important next step in the process is by far and away to give it a little bit more of a throaty sound. While the GR Yaris is famed for its driving characteristics, it's fair to say that the stock sound is slightly lacking.
However, Milltek Sport to the rescue! While I was away in the USA, I leaned the car to Milltek to use as their development vehicle to design, engineer and produce the new exhaust. Already seeing huge success for their new system that's available with a number of different finishes, the Milltek OPF Back exhaust for the GR Yaris compensates for the throttled sound by the OPF and hugely improves the experience as a result. In addition, it also introduces a new mounting bracket to support the exhaust and prevents the huge levels of play that the stock exhaust leaves by holding it more securely in place.
With a quick run out, and a simple before and after comparison, it's very clear that this was a good move and the new exhaust sounds great!
The GR Yaris collection is back in the Cheers by Shmee150 shop:
The specific system installed on my Toyota GR Yaris with Milltek:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:13 Arrival
02:23 GR Yaris Update
03:56 Stock Drive
07:17 Stock Sound Check
08:10 Milltek Exhaust Installation
11:27 Milltek Drive
14:55 Milltek Sound Check
15:33 Exhaust Loaded
16:36 Wrap Up
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee15016 giorni fa

    While I was in the USA, my GR Yaris was in the hands of Milltek to develop their own system which is now installed on mine and safe to say it hugely improves the sound! Check the new GR Yaris collection in the Cheers shop:

  • Dennis Tate

    Dennis Tate

    Giorno fa

    I think that 3 cylinder sounds better than a lot of 4 cylinders.

  • 清水栄治


    10 giorni fa


  • Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    13 giorni fa

    Shmee150 Great Video I'm glad milltek made you that better sounding exhaust although I think it needs to be a bit louder

  • xero256


    15 giorni fa

    It is a shame that those of us in the USA do not get the GR Yaris. If you ever decide to sell that little gem, let me know please.

  • Tim


    15 giorni fa

    This exhaust is not legal in the EU, only the EC approved resonated version is.

  • Jon Davies
    Jon Davies7 giorni fa

    Shame it’s not road legal. I’ve got to wait 15 months minimum for my GR

  • Jon Webb
    Jon Webb7 giorni fa

    Gotta say, this Milltek system is the worst sounding exhaust I've heard on the Yaris so far.

  • lordsith8319
    lordsith83198 giorni fa

    supra has a bmw engine lul

  • call_me_cwis_
    call_me_cwis_9 giorni fa

    sounds like a washing machine no matter what you use, 1.6L, come on man... what a joke

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson10 giorni fa

    The livery is hideous.

  • Charlie S
    Charlie S11 giorni fa

    You should've asked for a sports-cat and downpipe as well to really free up the engine.

  • Paul Greenhill
    Paul Greenhill11 giorni fa

    Hi Tim, have you thought about a few Litchfield upgrades, they are doing lower seat runners with new bucket seats which help with the mirror visibility problem. Very nice coil overs too by all accounts.

  • Christian Bliss
    Christian Bliss11 giorni fa

    Tim, that livery wrap just doesn't work. Please peel it off, we wouldn't think any the less of you.

  • cachememory
    cachememory12 giorni fa

    10:52 & 14:55 for listening to the sound

  • Eduard Kubelík
    Eduard Kubelík12 giorni fa

    you should do white wheels :D

  • Kevin - 6Y8
    Kevin - 6Y812 giorni fa

    Hey Tim! Watching you having fun in your Hot Hatch makes me miss mine. I had an 1989 Isuzu I Mark RS, better known as the Gemini in Western Europe. My car had a D.O.H.C. 1.6 litre 4 cylinder engine developing 135 ps or 133hp and was mated to a close ratio 5 Spd gearbox. The body of the car was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and the suspension was tuned by Lotus. It was a blast to drive on twisty back roads. I lived in North Georgia at the time and drove the Tail of the Dragon numerous times. Cheers!

  • Car Genius
    Car Genius12 giorni fa

    you sound sick my friend

  • evans lae
    evans lae13 giorni fa

    Adverts at 2.00 and 5.30. Ruins videos, can't keep watching sorry.

  • Ruben Meij
    Ruben Meij13 giorni fa

    Why did you not remove the OPF filter as well?

  • ModifiedMadness
    ModifiedMadness13 giorni fa

    Hey Tim, any thoughts on stripping the roof wrap to show off the forged carbon roof? Can’t believe Toyota have covered it up!!

  • Marko Polo
    Marko Polo13 giorni fa

    I think the exhaust sounds great now. The door number sticker should have 150 number also maybe Tim Burton name in the side rear window along with Uk flag?

  • Dee T
    Dee T13 giorni fa

    Tom's big rally spoiler would look great on this especially with the Celica GT-Four livery.

  • Kamron S
    Kamron S13 giorni fa

    When he put the exhaust in the car i was like how tf is he gonna drive that home... but its right hand drive LOL

  • Mihai G
    Mihai G13 giorni fa

    It looks amazing and it sounds amazing ....finally the gr yaris sounds like it should...did u experienced any performance gains? Not much i better throttle response?

  • Andreas Weber
    Andreas Weber13 giorni fa

    Don’t money shift

  • Manny Singh
    Manny Singh13 giorni fa

    Presume this was all given free to Shmee150, and it’s an advert for Miltek?

    SUPERSTEF7913 giorni fa

    This non-resonated Version is not allowed in Germany, is it?

  • M J
    M J14 giorni fa

    Absolutely love it will put this one on my GR to!

  • Shurid Sarker
    Shurid Sarker14 giorni fa

    I love the GR Yaris!

  • Tom David
    Tom David14 giorni fa

    Should have gone for JCR and do the gt4 at the same time too.

  • THE-mad -CYLIST
    THE-mad -CYLIST14 giorni fa

    SHMEE the reason why the YARIS is not sold in USA is the AMERICANS are too FAT to fit inside the car !!!!!

  • Morne Volschenk
    Morne Volschenk14 giorni fa

    I'll take 3 gr yaris before I even think of getting a gt4 cay

  • 2Skills4u
    2Skills4u14 giorni fa

    The car is amazing, but the engine really isn't, even with the exhaust it sounds awful imo which is sad

  • Khalifa Al Khoori
    Khalifa Al Khoori14 giorni fa

    Now you need to take it to an upholster and replace the plastic dashboard, center console, steering wheel and gear lever with Alcantara.

  • Dayne Rampersad
    Dayne Rampersad14 giorni fa

    you should get a set of kw coil overs for it,as well as the O.Z ralley wheels

  • OSEH
    OSEH14 giorni fa

    I reckon Toyota made the exhaust easily removable bcos they know it’s sounds shit stock, and they know people are gonna change it... well done Toyota!!! 😂

  • Mike Ormond
    Mike Ormond14 giorni fa

    Shi8 me (shite me) is all I keep seeing

  • Uriel David Sarasin
    Uriel David Sarasin14 giorni fa

    Min. 14:59 Why this car revs down so slowly?

  • Self Made Documentary
    Self Made Documentary14 giorni fa

    wow, that instant sound difference is insane

  • Sinan Seid
    Sinan Seid14 giorni fa

    Milltek is doing the best exhaust im telling you

  • corey mancuso
    corey mancuso14 giorni fa

    that Rolex Daytona is lookin pretty shiny

  • paul smith
    paul smith14 giorni fa

    Sweet car that doesn’t cost a lot.

  • 88hyuuga88
    88hyuuga8815 giorni fa

    I fking love this car man

  • Simon Briggs
    Simon Briggs15 giorni fa

    How much more needed to it before it goes nurburg

  • Holliday
    Holliday15 giorni fa

    Loads better 👍

  • Red Tarmac
    Red Tarmac15 giorni fa

    It's not a toy it's a real car!

  • Paul Grounds
    Paul Grounds15 giorni fa

    Such a massive improvement on the standard system......also weird seeing my home city in one of your videos 😃

  • Carl Groathouse
    Carl Groathouse15 giorni fa

    Would love to see some rally mud flaps on there... would certainly fit the current aesthetic and livery

  • richard allsop
    richard allsop15 giorni fa

    Hello 'Shmee' a real shame your GR Yaris is not run-in as the Donnigton Race Course is just around the corner from Derby, maybe next time. Regards, RichardA.

  • David Baker
    David Baker15 giorni fa

    APEX need to fit this to their Yaris now

  • rogelv8td
    rogelv8td15 giorni fa

    Sounds good for 3 cylinder, sounds better that most 4 cylinder engines

  • A.J. W.
    A.J. W.15 giorni fa

    Such a transformation! Love the low rumble at idle!

  • J B
    J B15 giorni fa

    How is benzene doing? And does he still have his mustang?

  • RRSmurf
    RRSmurf15 giorni fa

    Quality mod choices 👌🏼... Now to get the speaker noise delete... Maybe some white rally-style wheels (even though I love the black rims on the white car)?

  • BBseVen
    BBseVen15 giorni fa

    another car?? are you all right ??

  • F Letch
    F Letch15 giorni fa

    Weirdly, 'James' has gone all quiet about his Yaris....

  • Faruk Emir Aktaşoğlu
    Faruk Emir Aktaşoğlu15 giorni fa

    Only one thing I don't like about this car is that fake exhaust noise in the interior. It sounds too...artificial maybe?

  • Rocky
    Rocky15 giorni fa

    Sounds like half a turbo Carrera S engine.

  • LXBD
    LXBD15 giorni fa

    Shmee, i love watching your videos but, there is something that has been bothering me and I cannot hold it any longer; it is the audio, specially when you hold the camera, the audio balance shifts constantly, it is driving me nuts, can you set it to mono or something please? Thank you!

  • SWTH71
    SWTH7115 giorni fa

    Why do you talk imperial units if you’re bri-ish

  • sf2372
    sf237215 giorni fa

    Those tips look great

  • franzel
    franzel15 giorni fa

    I was wondering when the GR Yaris would return in the channel and here's the video! The wrap is really cool, enjoy the car! Have you ever considered the purchase of a motorcycle? Now with the shmeusium would be awesome!

  • Musti Mustiman
    Musti Mustiman15 giorni fa

    Where is your supra , bmw m8 ??

  • S D
    S D15 giorni fa

    IS the SLS already up to power?

  • James Green
    James Green15 giorni fa

    so weird (especially after the states), to see you driving roads I know so well.

  • Chroma-Wolf
    Chroma-Wolf15 giorni fa

    Install a rally style wing!

  • Megumi T
    Megumi T15 giorni fa

    It surprised me to find that how muted is the original exhaust system!

  • insanewayne75
    insanewayne7515 giorni fa

    I saw a elderly lady driving a GR yaris near Chichester and Goodwood yesterday. She had a beaming smile on her face.

  • Alex Daine
    Alex Daine15 giorni fa

    Can you not turn the speaker engine noise off on these ?

  • Ulyses Miclat
    Ulyses Miclat15 giorni fa

    Hey Tim, your plate number reads Shi8 Mee weird, if you know what I mean 😀😀

  • Lambros Stamos
    Lambros Stamos15 giorni fa

    Everybody does a track tool. Not one a Rally one. In WRC they go BOS suspension and Alcon brakes, as far as I know.

  • swiper1818
    swiper181815 giorni fa

    Sounds way better!

  • Coltr
    Coltr15 giorni fa

    really dont understand this Yaris GR hype att all, what is this really? that car has proved nothing, its has no rally nor any other heritage. There is many cars which are as good or better to drive.

  • Martin Eriksson
    Martin Eriksson15 giorni fa

    Get a jcr exhaust to your gt4

  • Mal P
    Mal P15 giorni fa

    Sorry not a fan, the livery doesn't suit the shape of the car & oddly everyone see's the WRC chasing cars ie 185, 205 GT4 & Corrolla WRC rally cars, this erm..... hasn't done anything as yet, which is just as bad as seeing a poorly made replica Bugatti using a VW bettle as a donor.... "originality is really needed!" The exhaust, erm... again doesn't float my boat either, its lacking in character & thats coming From a Milltek exhaust current owner (full system) internally the sound from the exhaust doesn't come across at all on video "Yes I've head phones on" all you seem to hear is the fake audio from the speakers!!! (can this be disabled????) is this going to be yet another parts feature car, like the focus RS.. which we barely seen being featured or driven? ie possibly a sponsored parts & business deal "hopefully not!"

  • Taffybadger
    Taffybadger15 giorni fa

    Another car you bought? are you bathing in money at night??

  • The Antler
    The Antler15 giorni fa

    You can turn off the annoying beeps about the lines

  • farkas007
    farkas00715 giorni fa

    Yeah, I’ve noticed your voice is bit throaty … Take it easy, you do t want to collect rona while tired…. As for the Yaris, I never thought in my wild dream that they will be cool….

  • Rui Kang
    Rui Kang15 giorni fa

    Hi guys I’m Shmee hello

  • Dave Cooke
    Dave Cooke15 giorni fa

    And then you find out someone has put 8000 miles on your car...

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater15 giorni fa

    That Miltek exhaust SOUNDS 100 💯 TIMES BETTER THAN STOCK🤔😎👌🏻.

  • Rohan
    Rohan15 giorni fa

    Car sounds much better mate! You do sound under the weather so do rest up.

  • banger566
    banger56615 giorni fa

    You haven't mentioned the GTR convertible in quite a while. Do you still have it? 🤔.

  • adnan faishal
    adnan faishal15 giorni fa

    If i have gr yaris i would go rally version. I will add the name as gr yaris wrc replica

  • Xander7777777777
    Xander777777777715 giorni fa

    Ooh Tim, I love it! I want it!!

  • Aladdin Sammak
    Aladdin Sammak15 giorni fa

    Chop the opf pls

  • Mike Sookun
    Mike Sookun15 giorni fa

    You should export the GR yaris to the US even if its a right hand drive for our fellow Americans can enjoy this beast. On top a manual it's just amazing. A right hand drive is the best ergonomical factor a car must have. The right hand should be on the wheel for better performance. In my country it's same.. Mauritius.. The rear wheels could be a bit larger for better grip but it's good it's good lol

  • Kick buttowski
    Kick buttowski15 giorni fa

    Lovely exhaust Tim I like that there are no fake burbles, so cool

  • Prashant Kudle
    Prashant Kudle15 giorni fa

    Btw who is your cameraman nowadays 🤔🤔🤔

  • Rj Nation
    Rj Nation15 giorni fa

    Believe me Tim once you bed the car in & you start beating on it you'll love it, I've had mine for awhile now 7,000kms & it whips, Oh that sounds fat Tim just much more meatier, Rj in Oz

  • legolasdade
    legolasdade15 giorni fa

    it sounds like a Dyson

  • Aman Ashraf
    Aman Ashraf15 giorni fa

    Tim doesn't sound well. He doesn't sound like usual. Take some rest if you are not fine.

  • Ear Drums
    Ear Drums15 giorni fa

    Now you just need a tune especially with your new exhaust and everything will be perfection 👌🏽

  • asker skadhauge
    asker skadhauge15 giorni fa

    How many cars do you own ?

  • Jesper Tøttrup
    Jesper Tøttrup15 giorni fa

    Put some more stickers on it, from the companies that Work on it, it will make it a lot more rally like 😎

  • Nuno Sousa
    Nuno Sousa15 giorni fa


  • Ezequiel Bonora
    Ezequiel Bonora15 giorni fa

    It was needed !! Ready for Nordschleife?

  • Afdal Asadullah
    Afdal Asadullah15 giorni fa


  • Ben Winter
    Ben Winter15 giorni fa

    Get this thing to the Nürburgring ! :)

  • BNE Exotics
    BNE Exotics15 giorni fa

    Can you turn off the computer generated exhaust sound ? 🤔

  • Hoo Mee
    Hoo Mee15 giorni fa

    Does the sport mode help increase the sound of the exhaust??? I thought it only alters the drive to 30% front and 70% rear.

  • Hitesh Patil
    Hitesh Patil15 giorni fa

    you should modify it like jdm cars.

  • Chris Hewson
    Chris Hewson15 giorni fa

    Id definitely get the fake exhaust sound removed from the speakers, the gt86 has a internal exhaust sound coming through a pipe by the accelerator pedal which can be plugged/corked to stop the noise coming in.

  • Ryan Batley
    Ryan Batley15 giorni fa

    Sequential Six Speed if you go down the 'rally' route of upgrades

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