I've BOUGHT a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4! Collection Day of the Surprise New Shmeemobile

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There's a surprise new addition to my garage, a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4! Having owned the 981 GT4, when this car came up it had to happen. With the GT4 arriving, we also have the new Flat 6 collection: cheers.shmee150.com/collections/flat-6-collection
After buying the Porsche Taycan Turbo S at the end of last year from Porsche Centre Hatfield, it's back out this time around in the Ford GT to collect the latest acquisition. Coincidentally the GT and GT4 being the two 6-cylinder cars in my current garage, both mid-engine sports/super cars but very, very different in so many ways.
My 718 Cayman GT4 itself is finished in Carrara White with the same Aurum Gold wheels as my Taycan, as well as wearing the bright yellow PCCBs. On the inside it features the 918 carbon buckets with yellow stitch and details throughout, but crucially for me it is also a 6 speed manual GT4 despite the line-up now also offering a PDK variation as well.
Back in 2015 I bought a 981 GT4 and what a car it was; forming one third of the Blue Crew with my McLaren 675LT and Ferrari FF, although it sadly made way at the time for the Aston Martin Vantage GT8 as I could not keep both simultaneously. Ever since, it's probably been one of the most missed Shmeemobiles from a personal perspective and the pure driving enjoyment it brought, much of which I echoed when I first drove a 718 GT4 which belonged to my friend @ZenCarDriver a little over a year ago.
After pulling back the covers in the showroom, it would be wrong not to take it immediately for a first drive, especially given there's no running in required this time around! However, things are going to be changing and most likely it will be wrapped in the very near future so stay tuned for the look I'm planning on that front.
Check out the new Flat 6 collection in the Cheers by Shmee150 shop: cheers.shmee150.com/collections/flat-6-collection
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:04 Ford GT Drive
01:57 Arrival at Porsche
02:57 Unveil
03:43 First Look
04:19 Full Spec
07:13 First Drive
12:46 Front Plate
14:19 GT and GT4 Together
15:40 In the Garage
19:07 Wrap Up
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee15021 giorno fa

    It's fantastic to have a GT4 back in the Shmeemobiles! What do you think of my choice? Be sure to check out the new designs and the Flat 6 collection in the Cheers shop: cheers.shmee150.com/collections/flat-6-collection

  • Timborghini Tube

    Timborghini Tube

    12 giorni fa

    Timothy! King Timotheus! The Timinator! Timborghini! or spelt backwards it's Mit! In a Cayman GT4 it all fits!~

  • Timborghini Tube

    Timborghini Tube

    12 giorni fa

    I know you made a wise decision because your name is Tim. I am yet to meet a Tim I do not get along with lol

  • Derpster Da Gamer

    Derpster Da Gamer

    19 giorni fa

    Please wrap the gt4 the same as the taycan then u got the matching pairs of the: G Wagon + Senna Taycan + Cayman gt4 Would look sick

  • Andile Zondo

    Andile Zondo

    19 giorni fa

    @Peter I'm living in south Africa you know

  • Peter


    19 giorni fa

    You overtook me on the M25 in that car .

  • Paul
    Paul4 giorni fa

    Congrats man. Amazing car. This is my dream car

  • Keking
    Keking5 giorni fa

    Poor color choices. I don’t think you spec the car

  • Quang Lâm Trương
    Quang Lâm Trương5 giorni fa

    Will the BlueCrew comeback, Tim?

  • KoenigseggKid
    KoenigseggKid7 giorni fa

    I wish I could spontaneously buy a GT4 lol. That spec is ooooff

  • George Austerberry
    George Austerberry8 giorni fa

    Love it! Would you have one of them new or a amg gtr second hand?

  • 550 Panerai
    550 Panerai8 giorni fa

    New word “Nim bile”!!

  • Mark Wood
    Mark Wood8 giorni fa

    No, Tim.

  • William Ebrecht
    William Ebrecht8 giorni fa

    Alloy grey would look amazing on the gt4.

  • William Ebrecht
    William Ebrecht8 giorni fa

    Jesus Christ. I’d love to be you. Wow. You get to collect dream cars. I’d be tickled with 1 lol. Dammit

  • Maciej Wittbrodt
    Maciej Wittbrodt10 giorni fa

    Pity it will be sold within two years max...

  • Corban Cutten
    Corban Cutten10 giorni fa

    Ohh yea don’t even mention the 930 turbo!! The best car there!! 🤬🤬🥊 2:36

  • Edson Pereira
    Edson Pereira11 giorni fa

    nice shmee

  • Adnan Hadadi
    Adnan Hadadi11 giorni fa

    This should stay in your permanent car collection

  • Oliver Dunford
    Oliver Dunford11 giorni fa

    Have a cayman 4.0 GTS is is fab!

  • CATO
    CATO11 giorni fa

    Absolutely beautiful

  • davewesley11
    davewesley1112 giorni fa

    A last minute buy .. mine is like I'll try a new ready meal .. Ooohh to have a huge bank balance

  • Goldgrinder
    Goldgrinder12 giorni fa

    If you keep all your supercars in 15-20 years they will be worth at least 50 times more.

  • Tom Heald
    Tom Heald13 giorni fa

    FYI, my 981 has stop-start. By the way, I'm told the Sport Button in the 981 GT4 doesn't affect fans and throttle mapping like a normal sport button. The auto-blip button is purely a label change.

  • dragon23ggg
    dragon23ggg13 giorni fa

    U will get a nostalgia for the old for the wrap, but my preposition is matte silver or matte satin black

  • za za
    za za14 giorni fa

    WOW!...Whaat?.. NA. Mid Engine...& Manual...Phehhww..Fantabulous..

  • DinoRexGamingHD
    DinoRexGamingHD14 giorni fa

    to bad this car only comes in manual and its slower than an audi r8 v10 plus

  • Seth P.clariza
    Seth P.clariza14 giorni fa

    Congratulations shmee

  • GS Ten
    GS Ten14 giorni fa

    Nice car. 981 was better.

  • Checkered Flag Films
    Checkered Flag Films14 giorni fa

    what kinda disney cartoon name is that? yet further proof that most porsche drivers are pretentious daft gits.

  • Mivhael Bailey
    Mivhael Bailey14 giorni fa

    Love watching your car vids! If your ever near cincy.........

  • Kaloyan Popov
    Kaloyan Popov15 giorni fa

    Please don’t change the colour, it looks fantastic! Congrats for the great car😎🍾

  • Aj shaw
    Aj shaw15 giorni fa

    Who remembered shmees green gt3

  • JordieMotive
    JordieMotive15 giorni fa

    You suit the GT4, glad to see you in another! Congrats :)

  • Computer Refurbishment
    Computer Refurbishment15 giorni fa

    Nice choice of motor mate! One of the best handling cars.

  • tarran ubbi
    tarran ubbi15 giorni fa

    Their is a company that sells a part that lowers the gears and makes it way more fun

  • Big Jumbo
    Big Jumbo15 giorni fa

    Here he goes again... Show off. I bought this i bought that so what .....

  • Richard Guthrie
    Richard Guthrie15 giorni fa

    You are limited to owning 100 cars or it will muck up your number plates.

  • Richard Guthrie
    Richard Guthrie15 giorni fa

    Who drives the other car home ?

  • Tinted Vision
    Tinted Vision16 giorni fa


  • Mini Mead3
    Mini Mead316 giorni fa

    Why did you not wait for the RS version?

  • Tim Skipper
    Tim Skipper16 giorni fa

    Front number plate is too high #ocdfail

  • Markus Bishop
    Markus Bishop16 giorni fa

    I absolutely love that spec even if the steering wheel is on the wrong side

  • T Gramatov
    T Gramatov16 giorni fa

    There must be a better way t communicate to us whilst driving these noisy cars, we are struggling to hear your voice......

  • Myob 33
    Myob 3316 giorni fa

    The white is perfect for this car.

  • daiel van Lente
    daiel van Lente16 giorni fa

    Why not the led headlights? The look awesome on the 718

  • Michael Poworoznik
    Michael Poworoznik16 giorni fa

    Please no ....really why did they sell it to you ..

  • Franklin
    Franklin16 giorni fa

    Congratulations this makes me want a 718 spyder so much I know it’s not a gt4 but to me a spyder in manual is perfect for a weekend car considering my daily is a 2019 Subaru STI

  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman16 giorni fa

    Porsche make some of the best cars.! Nice spec. nice wheel detail.

  • xEvilNeverDiesx
    xEvilNeverDiesx17 giorni fa

    Also the yellow seat belts are tacky.

  • xEvilNeverDiesx
    xEvilNeverDiesx17 giorni fa

    You're a spoilt brat. Yes I'm jealous.

  • Chris Ewing
    Chris Ewing17 giorni fa

    The gt4 is awesome but the real question is who the lucky person to follow you driving the Ford GT 😉

  • FlaxedWrist McMerkin
    FlaxedWrist McMerkin17 giorni fa

    Oh crap it looks like they put the steering wheel on the wrong side

  • David Alexandre G
    David Alexandre G17 giorni fa

    Opf off and akrapovic down pipe is enough;)

  • emptyskullify
    emptyskullify17 giorni fa

    You've got to straight pipe this thing with JCR. THATS the only way to bring out the most out of the GT4 IMO

  • Carlos Lewis
    Carlos Lewis17 giorni fa

    I honestly gotta say that I think this car was a great choice. Yeah the super cars are insane but an naturally aspirated engine that revs out to 9000 rpms is BONKERS. WOW!!!!!

  • Jeff Wisener
    Jeff Wisener17 giorni fa

    Oh shocking, looks like every other Porsche 😆

  • William C
    William C17 giorni fa

    I'm sure someone has asked Andreas Preuninger why the 718 GT4 and Spyder was made with such long gearing in the 1st 3 notches. What was his reply? Is it because it was a track tool (the Spyder really isn't, even though it's a GT car), and without speed limits, you have headroom to go above 3rd gear? But is supposed to be a road capable track car, which then makes long 2nd and 3rd gear, a bit of a killjoy, no? Or was it meant for Germany only, and Porsche forgot about the rest of the world?

  • crospotter13
    crospotter1317 giorni fa

    I see a roadtrip to Monaco with this :) Congrats!

  • john pinheiro
    john pinheiro17 giorni fa


  • Paulthorpe
    Paulthorpe17 giorni fa

    A few years ago I got something that I fear you'll never have...and that's 'enough' !

  • Κωστας Γ
    Κωστας Γ17 giorni fa

    Get the jcr exhaust for it (it’s the one that triple f collection guys put in their gt4)

  • Michael Heffernan
    Michael Heffernan17 giorni fa

    Ferrari still builds the best looking exotic cars

  • Justin Stein
    Justin Stein17 giorni fa

    Love the black trim around the headlights and taillights; I have the same on my 718 Boxster and it makes SUCH a difference. Great fun, enjoy!

  • Princess Peach
    Princess Peach17 giorni fa

    They put parking sensors on these now? :-(

  • SkylorSkip
    SkylorSkip17 giorni fa

    It's like a nice Rolex

  • Cam Coulter
    Cam Coulter17 giorni fa

    You seem like you really enjoy cars. The fact that you got the 6-spd shows that. I always had a car with a stick until a few years ago when my legs started complaining. At 75 they don't work like they used to. Love that you get to enjoy so many of them. Keep up the videos.

  • Quasar
    Quasar18 giorni fa

    Am i the only one who tought he had bought an LFA?

  • VettenOs
    VettenOs18 giorni fa

    Just got my 718 Cayman last week base 2.0 but nevertheless just as joyfull! Enjoy yours I'll enjoy mine for sure!

  • chinatype
    chinatype18 giorni fa

    Good video but too many ads!

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones18 giorni fa

    You don’t own a convertible, this should be a review of you collecting a Spyder

  • Tony
    Tony18 giorni fa

    I feel like he found a loophole to get these cars written off more than usual. He's been buying a new car every week.

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones18 giorni fa

    Excellent shmee, really enjoyed watching your review on your new gt4. It was quite refreshing to hear someone talk positively about the long second gear

  • rosedon_458
    rosedon_45818 giorni fa

    Shmee finally change his under shirt the world must be ending

  • Snoop Dagg
    Snoop Dagg18 giorni fa

    how does this man earn his money, he owns 10cars

  • Christan Duran
    Christan Duran18 giorni fa

    Congrats shmee collection is growing!!

  • James N
    James N18 giorni fa

    The GT4/spyder is my favourite Porsche. its the perfect balance for road use and is really engaging to drive. Love it.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith18 giorni fa

    If you need to cut down on your workload then please consider only making a video on the day when you haven't bought a new car.

  • BrokenAkan 04
    BrokenAkan 0418 giorni fa

    this car need an exhaust upgrade

  • Thomas Humber
    Thomas Humber18 giorni fa


  • 813cammedC6Vette
    813cammedC6Vette18 giorni fa

    I wish you would buy an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio GTAm!!!

  • Abdul Shohid
    Abdul Shohid18 giorni fa

    Hi shmee ur a qeer

  • superbecx
    superbecx18 giorni fa

    This guy buys cars faster than I buy new underwear ffs

  • Matthew Cook
    Matthew Cook18 giorni fa

    Love how the REG states ‘Shit Mee’ and it’s right. Stunning spec GT4

  • ManMadeDesaster
    ManMadeDesaster18 giorni fa

    2:35 this place reminds me of the dude who came crashing out of this building in a brand new Taycan.

  • Your Fan
    Your Fan18 giorni fa

    The rear hatch is a major wtf who is this car for a woman that goes grocery shopping?

  • Michael Delia
    Michael Delia18 giorni fa

    Hi Shmee how much does it cost to get a PPF for an average car?

  • HK bhatti Info
    HK bhatti Info18 giorni fa

    How you make soo much money to buys these cars from youtube?

  • Peter Eriksson
    Peter Eriksson18 giorni fa

    Not a CS package?

  • Holliday
    Holliday18 giorni fa

    Very nice and a manual 👍

  • amanda atabaki
    amanda atabaki18 giorni fa

    That stupid smile on thumbnail lol

  • Johnny Tampocao
    Johnny Tampocao18 giorni fa

    SHMEE this is a very ideal daily driver for you the size is just right easy to park and can be driven in a very tight road. Congratulations and looking forward to see all your super cars under one roof, your MAN CAVE.😂👌 👍 🇵🇭

  • Sentient Rock
    Sentient Rock18 giorni fa

    How do you spec your car and choose options at the dealership?

  • Chris Jeffrey
    Chris Jeffrey18 giorni fa

    Gold wheels and yellow callipers look terrible.

  • Tref J
    Tref J18 giorni fa

    Lovely. But please Porsche, a pair of internal door handles surely won't affect weight that much? Race spec ... right :-)

  • Simon Wilkinson
    Simon Wilkinson18 giorni fa

    Love this car in the Carrara white and the Aurum gold alloys look amazing with it. Awesome spec!

  • sunnyboy8644
    sunnyboy864418 giorni fa

    No front lift system for the new GT4??

  • Dave Pyne
    Dave Pyne18 giorni fa

    Lovely car tim I expect you've already got the model version on order!

  • Bongani Mafemani
    Bongani Mafemani18 giorni fa

    Congratulations 🔥🔥😻

  • incontrair
    incontrair18 giorni fa

    leave it white u dont have any white cars yet no need to go crazy it looks so good in white

  • Nico Nel
    Nico Nel18 giorni fa

    I comment rarely on videos, but I am excited to see a return of the GT4. Huge Congrats Shmee. Looking forward to all the amazing content!

  • Simp Simpson
    Simp Simpson18 giorni fa

    The driving seat is on the wrong side, why did you buy it?

  • Han Yue
    Han Yue18 giorni fa

    2 days later, Hi i'm Shmee and i've sold my Porsche 718 Cayman GT4!

  • Chris 509JF
    Chris 509JF18 giorni fa

    Man your living a car enthusiasts dream right now.

  • Derek McCabe
    Derek McCabe18 giorni fa

    Steering wheel is on the wrong side! :)

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