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It's finally time to collect my new BMW M3 Competition! After seeing it being built at the Munich plant, the car has touched down at BMW Park Lane in London for the unveil, handover and first drive. It's time for some great miles ahead!
For my first time ever, it's fun to simply walk to the collection of a new car, given that I live so close to BMW Park Lane, the supplying dealer. With the weather on side, the new Shmeemobile is awaiting in the downstairs area, ready and set to pull the covers off and reveal all.
My particular M3 Competition is a RWD Auto model (only option available in the UK at this time), finished in Isle of Man Green with 825M wheels and black calipers; with a Silverstone and Black extended leather interior and carbon trim. It also has the Comfort Pack, Lighting Pack and Technology Pack to finish off the options.
After getting it out onto the city streets, it would be very boring to simply head straight home so instead we have a small diversion to head around the city streets spotting some supercars including a new SF90 Stradale and a flip coloured Aventador SVJ, as well as also checking out the new Senturion store on Berkeley Square.
We also have all of our M3 Generations designs and more in the Cheers by Shmee150 shop which you can find here:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:54 Arriving at M Town
01:16 Inside
01:43 Revealing My M3
02:35 Full Spec Tour
04:55 Take Out
05:18 First Drive
09:50 Park Checkpoint
11:02 London Traffic
15:41 Parking
16:24 With the GT4
18:39 Wrap Up
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee15018 giorni fa

    The new BMW M3 Competition has arrived and joined the Shmeemobiles! You can also check out the latest M3 Generations designs in the Cheers shop:

  • Rickardo Andersson

    Rickardo Andersson

    15 giorni fa

    This man cant nothing



    16 giorni fa

    How many miles did it have on the clock ..?

  • Afdal Asadullah

    Afdal Asadullah

    16 giorni fa


  • RaGeAlucard


    17 giorni fa

    Is there a reason you don't opt for full leather?

  • Chris Robb

    Chris Robb

    17 giorni fa

    Does ITwindow pay that much that people can buy sports cars?

  • Zalrasyad Zalfitri
    Zalrasyad Zalfitri2 ore fa

    its got 650Nm not 550Nm 🤦‍♂️

  • Bill Gold
    Bill Gold2 giorni fa

    What does it proffit a man to gain the whole world, but loose his own soul. Choose Jesus soon...... Time is running out................. . Nice collection of cars.

  • MR HMD
    MR HMD3 giorni fa

    Congratulations Shmee. The color is gleaming

  • hin cai
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  • Andrew Freeman
    Andrew Freeman5 giorni fa

    Beautiful spec, very classy👌

  • J M
    J M6 giorni fa

    That is the ugliest modern car on the road today.

  • TRON1007R
    TRON1007R6 giorni fa

    Love the channel, but that BMW grille looks ridiculous. It is too much and doesn't look classy

  • bield7
    bield77 giorni fa

    Nice performance car. Awful grille. Awful colour

  • Ahmed Vorajee
    Ahmed Vorajee8 giorni fa

    How can I buy an M3? 😁 Tim what’s your Shmee secret?

  • DG Bourdon
    DG Bourdon8 giorni fa

    Wow! I need a You Tube channel....

  • AJ Muncey
    AJ Muncey8 giorni fa

    At 14:29 a Urus passes behind him (yellow)

  • Harpreet Kaur
    Harpreet Kaur9 giorni fa

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  • Akshat Gupta
    Akshat Gupta10 giorni fa

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  • sean oliver
    sean oliver11 giorni fa

    I'd take the m3 comp over all of the cars you pointed out in the video if I could afford it.

  • Dale Steel
    Dale Steel11 giorni fa

    British racing Green went out with rover

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith11 giorni fa

    Another appalling video

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    Saratha Maniam11 giorni fa

    Soon Tim will build a room for his car keys. Megaaaaa!

  • KoenigseggKid
    KoenigseggKid11 giorni fa

    This man has been more places in the USA and I live here.

  • Blastrophe
    Blastrophe14 giorni fa

    What would it look like if you color match wrapped the bottom half of the grill?

  • Pikachu
    Pikachu14 giorni fa

    At 8:15 is my dream car so cool

  • Johnny S
    Johnny S14 giorni fa

    It May Not Seem Like It But This Guy gets all the Babes!!

    LIBERTY FREEDOM14 giorni fa

    How many cars do you own?

  • Mrguig Rguig
    Mrguig Rguig14 giorni fa

    Who else thought that the car was teken to TOPAZ, in this video?? 😂😂

  • Fintan
    Fintan14 giorni fa

    how come you have a 2013 plate on a 2021 car? I see this every now and then does anyone know how lol?

  • RE Rueda Motor
    RE Rueda Motor14 giorni fa


  • Bastiaan -
    Bastiaan -14 giorni fa

    The I love man green paint scheme

  • O
    O14 giorni fa

    Prior designs is making a bumper redesign :)

  • Ibrahim Abdulhay
    Ibrahim Abdulhay14 giorni fa

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    MrThehulk99914 giorni fa

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  • Cristhian Rojas
    Cristhian Rojas14 giorni fa

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  • Tariq Samuels
    Tariq Samuels14 giorni fa

    If you’re into German cars, take a look at my channel @Tariq Samuels. Almost to 200 and I would really appreciate it!

  • Rickardo Andersson
    Rickardo Andersson15 giorni fa

    OMG when he could have a m3 blue but a aston green

  • Nick Fox
    Nick Fox15 giorni fa

    So can’t wait to see the Schmuseam!

  • chrisdion07
    chrisdion0715 giorni fa

    Love love this car. The colour is stunning and goes so well with the wheel design. 💚 Congratulations on the new car Shmee.

  • Claudio AGMFilho
    Claudio AGMFilho15 giorni fa

    He should have gotten the carbon seats

  • cw205mi16
    cw205mi1615 giorni fa

    The gloss black side skirts make the ride height appear too tall, I think body colour would be better

  • Crosseye
    Crosseye15 giorni fa

    you've had the blue crew, now you've got 'they guys in green' 😁

  • Ben Y
    Ben Y15 giorni fa

    Congratulations Tim! Amazing car and spec!

  • Ben Y
    Ben Y15 giorni fa

    Congratulations Tim! Amazing car and spec!

  • Kevin Niemi
    Kevin Niemi15 giorni fa

    Green is my fav color but this looks exceptional.

  • wiggo
    wiggo15 giorni fa

    9.58min You want to 'shmpop open the bonnet'. This has gone to far now 😆😆

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B15 giorni fa

    Is it a long term loaner or did you buy it

  • Tore Hansen
    Tore Hansen15 giorni fa

    Congrats! And that front works great with plates, same I have said since first time seeing it.

  • M Dammer
    M Dammer15 giorni fa

    @8:18 most EPIC car of the episode :D

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    ryan williams15 giorni fa

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  • Robert VanZant
    Robert VanZant15 giorni fa

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    Lukas Morski-Zmij15 giorni fa

    Color green is perfect !

  • Ahmed .N
    Ahmed .N15 giorni fa

    Gt4 cayman looks dead against m3 competition shmee pls get a taycan turbo s

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    Alix Pennycuick16 giorni fa

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    DaRockCRX16 giorni fa

    is bmw giving so much discount to influencer because otherwise nobody would buy this ugliest bmw since the front wheel drive 2 series? An no, it does not look better in real live. not at the dealer and also not on the road. seen both ...

  • 34skyline
    34skyline16 giorni fa

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    MrSlash00r16 giorni fa

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  • Megumi T
    Megumi T16 giorni fa

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  • MiniBull1903
    MiniBull190316 giorni fa

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  • scaglietti34
    scaglietti3416 giorni fa

    There is no armrest at the backside. Really BMW? Are you kidding? This car is the top model of the 3 series. Why?

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    Jim Rieder16 giorni fa

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    matt someone with an SRT16 giorni fa

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  • Anders Eriksson
    Anders Eriksson16 giorni fa

    Schmee, did you see Chip Foose's rendering/redesign of the front grill? Looks awesome! He has a video of him drawing it from start to finish and makes comments on it.

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    Darshan Rampersadh16 giorni fa

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    Wholly Mindless16 giorni fa

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  • Wholly Mindless
    Wholly Mindless16 giorni fa

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  • Wholly Mindless
    Wholly Mindless16 giorni fa

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    Robert Donaldson16 giorni fa

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    Leonardo Traple16 giorni fa

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