My FIRST DRIVE in the Lamborghini SIAN!

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Spontaneous moments are the best, like this, my first drive in the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 hypercar! While visiting Lamborghini Broward, the owner of this insane car stopped by and allowed me to take it for a drive to get a small experience in the newest Lambo hypercar!
The Sian FKP 37 is Lamborghini's first production hybrid car, and joins their exclusive exceptionally limited category of models. In total just 63 Coupes are to be made and only 19 of the Roadsters will follow; where 1963 is the year Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the company. Powered by a familiar 6.5l NA V12, this time around it is mated to a 'Supercapacitor' 48V hybrid system for torque fill and to support the semi-automated gearbox, with a total of 785hp to the 4 wheels.
This particular example of the Sian was configured by the customer with Lamborghini Sao Paolo, before it was delivered right here by Lamborghini Broward where I've been working on the spec of my own Huracan STO. By complete coincidence, and no prior planning, the owner visited the showroom and kindly allowed me to take the keys for a small run to get a taster for what it offers.
Lamborghini only have a very short list of 'few-off' hypercars to their name and to date I've been lucky enough to drive the predecessors; Reventon, Veneno and Centenario, but now I feel truly honored to have been able to add the Sian to that list and to take a peak into the next generation of Lamborghini V12.
This particular example is finished with a bespoke blended paintwork from Viola Mitrus at the back to Nuovo Bianco at the front, with Verde Scandal accents found throughout like the spliter, underside of the wing, and the brake calipers. There is no doubt that it's an extreme specification, but one that can certainly be pulled off by the most extreme of Lamborghini models!
Thanks to the team at Lamborghini Broward for all their help and support, and of course especially to the amazing owners of this incredible car!
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:40 Walkaround
01:58 Interior
04:00 Depart
07:01 Highway
10:38 Details
13:23 Wrap Up
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Mese fa

    My luck with the latest Lambo hypercar is incredible! After recently finding one right as it was being taken out of the crate, to now meeting the owner of this extraordinary car by chance and experiencing a first drive. This particular Sian is by far the most 'Lamborghini' of them all and what an honor to be able to get behind the wheel! Thank you to the owner and the team at Lamborghini Broward.

  • Gohan


    17 giorni fa

    One of the my least favourite lambos ever.

  • Fabricio Jabur

    Fabricio Jabur

    Mese fa

    @To Pimp a Butterfly who is the owner?



    Mese fa

    "the latest Lambo hypercar is incredible! " - OK Tim, we get that but WHY is it incredible? Because it's a new Lamborghini? You can do better than this. At least be objective or maybe specific as to what makes it incredible other than it's new. I bought a new pair of socks today, they are not incredible because they're new.

  • Shawn McFarland

    Shawn McFarland

    Mese fa

    Living an Epic Blessed life indeed, somebody pinch Shmee he's Dreaming...

  • Wuxter


    Mese fa

    This had to be arranged (even if you didn't know it) no one who randomly show up to the dealer would let a youtuber/journalist use their car out of the blue (its one thing to film/look at it but get to drive it, I think not, the owner of the SIAN knew you were there)

  • happylegoleon
    happylegoleon21 minuto fa

    Looks great... If the green was replaced with white 🙄

  • Mohd Arshil
    Mohd Arshil5 giorni fa

    Every thing is looking like GTA 5

  • Harsh Verma
    Harsh Verma5 giorni fa

    Exclusive Cars like these looks so unreal in camera, i don't know if i ever will be lucky enough to see such cars in person.

  • Reminder to stay Hydrated
    Reminder to stay Hydrated5 giorni fa

    Everyone gangsta until they see the back of the car

  • cafe88 racer
    cafe88 racer8 giorni fa

    rather have svj with the hybrid addon lol

  • cafe88 racer

    cafe88 racer

    8 giorni fa

    prob 918 more worth it lol

  • The Enlightened One
    The Enlightened One8 giorni fa

    12:54 *If the Joker owned a lambo*

  • ShaneBigFella
    ShaneBigFella9 giorni fa

    I would be so afraid to wreck that masterpiece, and I doubt you can get replacement parts and if so The price would be astronomical These will only skyrocket in price

  • Vinicius Moraes
    Vinicius Moraes9 giorni fa

    Gauchada domina pohaaaa🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • king gaming s
    king gaming s10 giorni fa

    Woww amazing color ✌️

  • tam vuhoai
    tam vuhoai11 giorni fa

    VIe noi la lam ! chuc anh chi suc khoe vui ve ben gia dinh ban be

  • k0cas
    k0cas11 giorni fa

    Its just me or this guy is a DORK?

  • Zed Gamer
    Zed Gamer12 giorni fa

    You should've married supercarblondie just sayin

  • shadowmist
    shadowmist12 giorni fa

    Built in security feature: purple car with light green accents. Better than an alarm system.

  • shadowmist
    shadowmist12 giorni fa

    I like the Sian. The purple color choice and the way it fades is nice. But the light green exterior and interior accents completely ruins it. Also, seat accents should be colored to match exterior.

  • mk
    mk14 giorni fa

    Worst spec ever

  • shadowmist


    12 giorni fa

    General color purple choice works but would not be for me. But the green accents objectively ruin it.

  • ArcoBaiter
    ArcoBaiter14 giorni fa

    Fantastic video... !!

  • hockeymann88
    hockeymann8814 giorni fa

    Not beautiful.

  • NS tv
    NS tv16 giorni fa

    1kth commenter

  • NS tv
    NS tv16 giorni fa

    Lambo truck

  • NS tv
    NS tv16 giorni fa


  • NS tv
    NS tv16 giorni fa

    Butterfly doors

  • NS tv
    NS tv16 giorni fa


  • NS tv
    NS tv16 giorni fa


  • NS tv
    NS tv16 giorni fa


  • NS tv
    NS tv16 giorni fa


  • NS tv
    NS tv16 giorni fa


  • NS tv
    NS tv16 giorni fa


  • Babai
    Babai17 giorni fa

    It's a joker mobile

  • Stilianos Nathanailidis
    Stilianos Nathanailidis20 giorni fa

    // the Color!! .. 🤮

  • Pier Wobbler
    Pier Wobbler20 giorni fa

    Honestly i don' like the Sian at all 🤔 I mean, the front is allright, but the rear omg looks like one of those weird replica cars

  • Tommaso l
    Tommaso l20 giorni fa

    Italian power

  • Mickk
    Mickk23 giorni fa

    Aventador with bateries and cost 3.6 milions 👍🏻

  • Falloutman216
    Falloutman21623 giorni fa

    The green accents are awful, rest is nice.

  • Drmcx
    Drmcx23 giorni fa

    Man... What the fuck has gone wrong at Lamborghini? Meanwhile Ferraris and Porsches still look incredible and premium. This looks infantile and cheap.

  • Christian K
    Christian K23 giorni fa

    Lol touches the throttle and passes a cop at 5:45 😬

  • FleshPie212
    FleshPie21224 giorni fa

    this is the ugliest lambo ever

  • shadowmist


    12 giorni fa

    This is not the ugliest I've seen but the green accents definitely clash.

  • Genesiscoupe3000
    Genesiscoupe300025 giorni fa

    Sounds like shit compared to other Lamborghinis.......

  • Weeb's Gaming
    Weeb's Gaming25 giorni fa

    I still hate hearing Naturally Aspirated when we are in the 21st century.

  • Antonio Manoel

    Antonio Manoel

    19 giorni fa

    @Weeb's Gaming it's not about being more efficient or whatever.. that's not your daily basis car, not the car to drive to work or to the supermarket. That's an exotic car meant for excitment, to enjoy the acceleration and the sound. Not all cars are meant to be the same. It would be to boring.

  • Weeb's Gaming

    Weeb's Gaming

    19 giorni fa

    @Antonio Manoel What? Turbos make engines more stronger and efficient. If you're going to make it a hybrid, might as well put a turbo with it. F1 Cars are V6s but have turbos and are also hybrids yet do 1000HP. The new Ferrari is a Hybrid V8 but is turbo. What's the reason why we should not add it.

  • Antonio Manoel

    Antonio Manoel

    25 giorni fa

    @Weeb's Gaming so? They HAVE to put turbos? I'm glad that someone haven't changed their line to turbo engines... Nothing against turbos, but it's not mandatory and they doesn't make cars better or worse just by being there.

  • Weeb's Gaming

    Weeb's Gaming

    25 giorni fa

    @Antonio Manoel It's how Lambo seems stubborn to put in Turbos even though they are efficient. I know about the downsides to turbos but the turbo technology has improved over the decade like any other technology like electric cars. But it's Lamborghini. XD

  • Antonio Manoel

    Antonio Manoel

    25 giorni fa

    what do you expect for the 21st century?

  • kubemaster
    kubemaster25 giorni fa

    Ok then, I’ll say it... ugly ass color scheme. 👎

  • Boondocks Captain
    Boondocks Captain25 giorni fa


  • Holy sword of Ex-Yung men • 50 years ago
    Holy sword of Ex-Yung men • 50 years ago25 giorni fa

    I really like this unique color

  • Sihle Dlamini
    Sihle Dlamini26 giorni fa

    The most Ugliest vehicle ever

  • Neworld Gaming
    Neworld Gaming26 giorni fa

    That’s jokers car

  • Tinted Vision
    Tinted Vision26 giorni fa


  • Germán David Díaz Montenegro
    Germán David Díaz Montenegro26 giorni fa

    RIP the epic 7 speed single clutch

  • Ryszard Tyborowski
    Ryszard Tyborowski27 giorni fa

    Its good that lambo is stupid egain. Every ovner of this must say thank you to every boring lambo owner for.

  • Top Fitness
    Top Fitness27 giorni fa


  • Niklas Hultkrantz
    Niklas Hultkrantz27 giorni fa

    There is a little rule about contrasting colors. Dont use colors that are to far away from each other in color or brightness/darknes. Othervise the result easy can be a miss.

  • shadowmist


    12 giorni fa

    Purple can be done right and depends on preferences of owner. But then the green accents objectively ruin this car's look.

  • Alexander van Wyk
    Alexander van Wyk27 giorni fa


  • imprabesh 47
    imprabesh 4727 giorni fa

    techno gamerz fan broke the like button

  • Josh
    Josh28 giorni fa

    Imagine having to paint match that door if it ever had to be replaced.

  • Kev Pullup
    Kev Pullup28 giorni fa

    The purple is greattttt

  • shadowmist


    12 giorni fa

    For those that like purple. But the green accents ruin it.

  • Olcay Aksu
    Olcay Aksu29 giorni fa

    Horrible color and Horrible car,seriously a car can't get any uglier than this

  • Zyx
    Zyx29 giorni fa

    Pretty nice designed car, until you see the rear 😂

  • ىυɳƒl๑ཡعr
    ىυɳƒl๑ཡعr29 giorni fa

    The car reminds me of the Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker

  • Ty W.1
    Ty W.129 giorni fa

    How are you able to drive SO MANY different cars EVEN HERE in the states? I'm fairly new to your channel, what type of car(s)do you own?!

  • malcolmar
    malcolmar29 giorni fa

    Simply outstanding! Shmee just has it like that. Not only is he able to spot these amazing hyper cars the owners trust him to drive their multimillion dollar hypercars. WOW! Thanks for sharing and proof good character goes a long way in building trust.

  • Vincent Vitale
    Vincent Vitale29 giorni fa

    Who ever came up with this paint 🎨 combination should be shot point blank...worst paint I've seen on any car...spend that kind of $$$$$$$$ to make it look like shit.. smh

  • Let's Play Anything
    Let's Play Anything29 giorni fa

    Does have a really bad ring to the name because in Norway, SIAN is synonym for anti muslim group called Stop Islamisation of Norway. BUT A REALLY MARVELOUS LOOKING RIDE

    MAGGOT VOMIT29 giorni fa

    In the year 2037. "Welcome to Hoovie's & Sons Garage, where we have just bought the cheapest Lambo SIAN for Pappy Tyler!!" xD

    MAGGOT VOMIT29 giorni fa

    Shmee, @ 13:28 I expected a Lambo dealership to have a more blingy garden hose and high-tech robot caddy carrying it. xD

    MAGGOT VOMIT29 giorni fa

    Stradman runs up and says, "My turn My turn!!" Owner: "'re a douche" xD

  • Chris Evans garden services jones Jones
    Chris Evans garden services jones JonesMese fa



    I'm surprised it wasn't "jacked" at the docks or airport by a drug-lord before it left Sao Paulo. {0.o}


    Shmee should be considered for the part of "Mathesar's Brother" if there's a Galaxy Quest 2 in the future. xD RIP Alan Rickman

  • Mohammed Alnasser
    Mohammed AlnasserMese fa

    That is one of the ugliest cars i've seen.

  • Peter Lynn
    Peter LynnMese fa

    Not a hybrid yet, with only 30 BHP from the new unit. I suspect a dipped toe in the water for a Lambo. Hybrid motors will be the next 20 years. well done Lambo. We all know that electric will dominate in the near future, but hydrogen is the future

  • Colonel Panic
    Colonel PanicMese fa

    Painted in rainbow barf

  • Jay
    JayMese fa

    ugliest colour combo.

  • Sunnewer Toolow
    Sunnewer ToolowMese fa

    The orange Sian someone received a couple months ago is still my favourite I gotta say. This is too Hot-Wheelsy for me.

  • Florida Free State Al
    Florida Free State AlMese fa

    It's other worldly

  • Definitely NOT a 12 year old who wants views
    Definitely NOT a 12 year old who wants viewsMese fa

    Me most of the video:SHUT UP AND DRIVE IT

  • SX SX
    SX SXMese fa

    When you come back to the UK

  • Teodor Stanescu
    Teodor StanescuMese fa

    I don't know why but the front reminds me of the SSC Tuatara


    The car is amazing but that colours... a knife In my eyes

  • TheGreener121
    TheGreener121Mese fa

    What a hideous spec.... makes the sabre from the other day look elegant

  • Antonio Cuevas
    Antonio CuevasMese fa

    That Lamborghini is clearly an EVA 01

  • Tobias Lawrence
    Tobias LawrenceMese fa

    Looks like it was painted by Homer Simpson using his makeup gun.

  • Mark Hillan
    Mark HillanMese fa

    Paintjob is the RL version of when u have a great idea for a livery in Forza... but then give up after 10mins in favour of doing doughnuts in the middle of the road.

  • Shantiesh Prakhul
    Shantiesh PrakhulMese fa

    You either love it or you absolutely hate it I can't decide tho

  • 10010011 Midg
    10010011 MidgMese fa

    I would have exchanged the green for a blue. Dont like the green white pink. With dark blue accents this thing would be more my taste.

  • L B.
    L B.Mese fa

    3.7mil piece of art

  • Calvin Cooley
    Calvin CooleyMese fa

    I like the 64 Mercury Maruader tail lights!

  • Marc Adams
    Marc AdamsMese fa

    Man, that's crazy. I'm trying to imagine how wealthy I'd have to be to let someone drive my 1 of 63 car. Well, wealthy and/or generous. Also, I guess it's not just any shmo off the street, it's Shmee off the street! You are living the dream!

  • Liitn
    LiitnMese fa

    On the highway part it sounds like a stock camry

  • Fabio Ilardi
    Fabio IlardiMese fa

    Shmee metti i sottotitoli anche in italiano dai !!!!!

  • Spartan 117
    Spartan 117Mese fa

    What a horrible paint idea damn...

  • SnOopyTv
    SnOopyTvMese fa

    if you go and try to configure a Ferrari that way Enzo will get up from his grave and beat the sh*t out of you

  • L
    LMese fa

    not my cup of tea

  • The Underhills
    The UnderhillsMese fa


  • Liam Dobey
    Liam DobeyMese fa

    Plz change the colour

  • guitar911rock
    guitar911rockMese fa

    that paint options is horrific

  • Don Summers
    Don SummersMese fa

    Reminds me of "Hotwheels color racers"

  • Damir DEBEVC
    Damir DEBEVCMese fa

    Basic information and, above all, driving sensations, this is the essence of today's motoring enthusiasts. However, they are not interested in details, technique and other interesting stories. Sad....

  • Gamer Thoms
    Gamer ThomsMese fa

    Show your lambo collection shmee

  • The Sigma Enigma
    The Sigma EnigmaMese fa

    I'll be honest: I'm not a fan of how it looks. But I can respect the fact that it's an amazing machine and a preview of things to come. Kudos to Lamborghini for keeping things so exciting.

  • Antiochia ad Taurum
    Antiochia ad TaurumMese fa

    shmee is a very conflicted individual

  • robbie adams
    robbie adamsMese fa

    What a ugly spec imo

  • Brian Kessler
    Brian KesslerMese fa

    Looks like a clown puked on that thing

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