My Friend STRAIGHT PIPED His Pagani Huayra BC!

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My friend Mike @shinmikeyin has put a straight pipe exhaust on his Huayra BC! After a run out to hear what it's like, we can also remove the roof from the Huayra Roadster BC for a first back to back experience of the two. And that isn't even all that's around!
A few days after going out with Mike in his newly acquired Zonda R on track, this time around we're over to Aerowerkz to check out his Huayra BC. It's the same car I drove with him a few years ago, except now he's straight piped it! Not only that, but his friend's stunning green Huayra Roadster BC is also present for PPF and looking incredible as always.
The BC Coupe is one of only 20 made of the more hardcore Huayra model, named after Pagani's first ever customer, Benny Caiola. However, when it's parked alongside the newest model, the one of 40 of the Roadster BC you can start to appreciate that these are fundamentally different cars. Unlike most convertibles where it's a case of removing the roof from the existing Coupe model, the Roadster BC has a very different configuration and even engine setup.
After checking out the cars in some awesome company with the Bugatti Divo, Lamborghini Sian and Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, it's time to get out on the road for a run with Mike firstly with him taking the wheel of the BC. After a swap around for me to experience it, we then take the roof off the Roadster BC to see what the difference is like - and it's quite surprising...
A huge thanks as always to my good friend Mike for some great hypercar fun! Check him out at shinmikeyin
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:00 Lining up the BCs
02:40 Divo heads out
03:40 Straight Pipe BC
05:21 BC Comparisons
07:37 Onboard the Huayra BC
10:10 My Drive
16:15 Straight Pipe revs
17:14 Roadster BC Roof
19:10 Onboard the Roadster BC
22:32 Wrap Up
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Mese fa

    When one Pagani BC model isn't enough....! My friend Mike @shinmikeyin has straight piped his Huayra BC and we can also head out in his friend's Roadster BC for a direct back to back of the two cars for the first time. It's never boring with

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    Do it,...



    Mese fa

    I'm with Mike on shifting preferences, Paganis' shift level is one of the most beautiful pieces of functional art ever created.

  • Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Mese fa

    @Paul Flanders I bet you can't even Afford one or even a Entry level Super car

  • Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Mese fa

    Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible Video I think Mikes Straight piped Pagani Huayra BC Coupe sounds absolutely insane and I'm glad you got a chance to Drive it and ride in his Friends Huayra BC Roadster

  • Paul Flanders

    Paul Flanders

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  • tenorioyt
    tenorioyt8 giorni fa

    4:41 revving a Cold V12? 🙃

  • MkW
    MkW18 giorni fa

    15:38 you are sounding like tigger!

  • Lost_Rito
    Lost_Rito26 giorni fa

    he did what

  • Ben Schneider
    Ben Schneider26 giorni fa

    Mike look disappointed that Tim wanted to take it easy lol..

  • Chun Lok Hui
    Chun Lok HuiMese fa

    Two of my favourite cars!

  • Steve Hines
    Steve HinesMese fa

    Pagani make amazing the interior detail 😎

  • Tiffany Vargas
    Tiffany VargasMese fa

    The heavenly heavy hellish screen reversely irritate because galley subcellularly invent notwithstanding a reflective crocus. nifty, low cormorant

  • Unyielding Hierophant
    Unyielding HierophantMese fa

    Mike, The Pagani Man

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  • Canna Ami
    Canna AmiMese fa

    W0W !

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  • January Morris
    January MorrisMese fa

    You gotta love a Pagani! I like the bc but if I had to pick just one of those two I'd go with the roadster, I really like the green and the roof snorkel.

  • Home of Guns and HorsePower
    Home of Guns and HorsePowerMese fa

    A true Beauty and the Beast!

  • Drip-seth
    Drip-sethMese fa

    I love how mike is so sharing like he’s not stingy with his cars

  • JTRLProductions
    JTRLProductionsMese fa

    Hey, I met u that day, I was with the guys in the 300sl. Nice meeting you!

  • GI joseph
    GI josephMese fa

    WHO CARES...REALLY? drill a few holes in any muffler and you have the same sound!

  • Kouri kiru
    Kouri kiruMese fa

    I like how shmee drive the pagani to fast over that surface and bearding rocked and stones hitting it loads 🤣🤣

  • Angel Chavez
    Angel ChavezMese fa

    Pagani Bellisimo

  • nigrs
    nigrsMese fa

    and my friend straight piped his 1992 clio 1.4rn and it is bullshit , thx god.

  • Daniel Mouynes
    Daniel MouynesMese fa

    Haha the giggling while pointing out the insane sound got me, what a dear.

  • Luke Jenkins
    Luke JenkinsMese fa

    Mike's awesome

  • Daan van der Linden
    Daan van der LindenMese fa

    Tim is sitting in the most crazy car in the world and got distracted by a bmw i8😂😂

  • ShortysTRM
    ShortysTRMMese fa

    Pagani makes art. Most other niche companies can build fantastic hypercars, but if I ever reference what a V12 should sound like, I usually go to a Pagani N/A engine. They are not just functional pack mules, each one is an absolute masterpiece. I'm sure owning one is expensive, but they truly are remarkable.

  • gary torey
    gary toreyMese fa

    Pagani!!! Let's go Shmee! 🤯👏

  • Mitchell 7
    Mitchell 7Mese fa

    "Wanna drive it...YES!" Too Funny!!

  • dankir1
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    Soooooooo where's the video with Mike's Zonda F?

  • Ashton Emini
    Ashton EminiMese fa

    How did Mike earn his wealth? What does he do?

  • RaNkITrAnKi
    RaNkITrAnKiMese fa

    I'm glad that those cars have an owner who really knows how to drive them, and not have them in a garage and years without seeing the sun

  • White_Stradale
    White_StradaleMese fa

    Even with a straight pipe the Huayra sounds so bad, we want the Zonda engine back!

  • Eugene Ndungu
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    Jus sayin people💁‍♂️💁‍♂️💁‍♂️not everyday do you see a Bugatti Divo, Lamborghini Sian, Pagani Huayara BC coupe and BC roadster all in one small convention so count your blessings😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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    Roadster 💚

  • Paulo Baptista
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    I'm more of a Roadster BC

  • Andy
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    That key. It really doesn't matter how much bling you hang on it, it's the same as my Merc work van key. The V12 sound however....

  • APE Suit9
    APE Suit9Mese fa

    Mike is slowly getting comfortable in front of the camera. First time i saw Mike in the vlogs.

  • The Real Ken Takahashi
    The Real Ken TakahashiMese fa

    Oh Wow you were in city of Industry at Aerowerkz...down the street from my work!!! Would of loved to of met you!!!

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  • Camilo Mejia
    Camilo MejiaMese fa

    Tim buy a demon

  • Phillip Collins
    Phillip CollinsMese fa

    Mike will have to get a huayra R next when it’s out

  • savedJedi
    savedJediMese fa

    this is best looking Huayra BC. it is hypnotic!

  • Team Shmo
    Team ShmoMese fa

    That was fucking crazy

  • HK bhatti Info
    HK bhatti InfoMese fa

    Shmee is soo lucky driven All expensive cars

  • SchmutzLord 3000
    SchmutzLord 3000Mese fa

    Mike very cool dude

  • Kevin King
    Kevin KingMese fa

    Only an American can ruin a pagani by "customising" it.👎

  • CW
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    Well after that explanation I hope its loud right?

  • Jeff L
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    Crazy, all these nice expensive cars and they wont put any money into the parking lot.

  • CW
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    sorry, I like the channel, but its all getting a bit childish

  • Max Reimann
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    Those sounds are insane

  • CW
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    welcome back to how loud this car farts`!! wow this one is even louder!!!! yes they are all from the USA and they all suck compared to real cars!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin.G37
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    I feel everyone trusts Tim to drive their cars. I mean he knows more about them usually already 😅

    SNUIFMese fa

    It seems that lately loud exhausts is the only thing you focus on.

  • Aaron Thompson
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    Shmee, the kind of guy to turn off the hazards and sit on the side of the road for another few minutes.

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  • K4RMA
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    It sounds like a fighter jet! :D

  • j Walster
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    All I can imagine if half the people who hear but not see this car, think it a gun shot.

  • j Walster

    j Walster

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    Also an easter, (granted it's kind of late for those) I own all these cars in real life (There models)

  • Kigoz4Life
    Kigoz4LifeMese fa

    time to get a new rolex Shmee !

  • NotifiesYT
    NotifiesYTMese fa

    Straight piping a supra is normal, but a BC- too much

  • The Sprawl
    The SprawlMese fa

    I love the way the Huayra sounds, it's so unique. That low grumble that builds up so steadily and slowly, then the turbo hiss...I think I almost prefer it to the Zonda R, just because it's so distinctive.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMese fa

    Good video shmee150😃👍

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    JSM 26Mese fa

    Mike got some serious 💸🤑

  • Carlos Eduardo
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    I hope mike creates a ITwindow channel

  • whitenight369
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    Wait for it.. Crash!

  • keraman bin mohamad iemansah
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  • Samuel
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    Love he is still love “oh mustang” even if he’s got all these cars to look at and seen so many crazy cars

  • Pranav Kulkarni
    Pranav KulkarniMese fa

    @worst.spec green huayra

  • Pranav K
    Pranav KMese fa

    That Roadster BC spec reminds me of Dan's Zonda Cinque.

  • vedant Agrawal
    vedant AgrawalMese fa

    What a 'BC'. . . . . . . . IN HINDI.

  • Luke Slater
    Luke SlaterMese fa

    It’s louder than the roadster🤔. However the turbo noise from the BC Coupe IS INSANE😱😳.

  • Francesco Carlo
    Francesco CarloMese fa

    Roadster BC looking EPIC

  • Ing. Peter Dindeský
    Ing. Peter DindeskýMese fa

    Horacio PAGANI is a unique man, his personality changed my joy from hypercars when I had a chance talk with him personaly. His work is extraordinary, his passion for every detail is joy of perfection. Thats why we can classify him among legend like Enzo Ferrari or Ferrucio Lamborghini. 👍Bravo PAGANI🇭🇺 We will miss the sound like this when crazy electric times comes.

  • jon scot
    jon scotMese fa

    guessing it will now sound like a Spridget red lining

  • Param Sehgal
    Param SehgalMese fa

    The Roadster BC has same specs as the Zonda Cinque Roadster.

  • Maverick


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    *Zonda Cinque

  • Andrew
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    Dammit shmee, we need outside shots and drivebys!!

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  • Stan Smulders
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  • Guide504
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    'Looks like an everyday cruser car....' you are so detached from reality,

  • Guide504
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    Straight pipe sounds like its broken. Just don't get the millions spent to make a crap boken noise and go round in a circle...just very detached and strange.

  • Romi Bajwa
    Romi BajwaMese fa

    That was a fun video 🙂

  • Kunal Patel
    Kunal PatelMese fa

    Can’t remember the last time I saw Shmee this excited 😆

  • Tim Terry
    Tim TerryMese fa

    I have firearms that sound like that😅

  • Ganapathy subramanian
    Ganapathy subramanianMese fa

    Well you can clearly identify it Is an amg motor from those crackles and that turbo spool sounds amazing

  • Matthew Tan
    Matthew TanMese fa

    Shmee has so much friends. I wish I had one.

  • ozzieman55
    ozzieman55Mese fa

    Shmee, what car are you two driving now that the GT500 is off to the east coast?

  • CapnT
    CapnTMese fa

    Crackles almost identical tone to the AMG 4.0 I basically have a straight piped Huayra right?

  • Luke Moran
    Luke MoranMese fa

    I want to see more of Mike. Seems like such a cool guy.

  • Saulo Barreiros
    Saulo BarreirosMese fa

    What does he do for living, holy shit. He has time and money

  • Bling
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    The Pagani BC and the Huayra BC are 2 amazing cars

  • Vusi Moiane
    Vusi MoianeMese fa

    16:54 @shmee’s laugh😂❤️

  • Fritz Givero

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    I could feel his sheer joy being inside that car, almost like I'm driving/revving it myself ❤️‍🔥

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    imagine being rich

  • T Wylie

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    @Golf it's a sad life tbh

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  • Elgar
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    I am so happy that Mike drives his cars! Nothing more sad to see cars like this just gather up dust *cough* *Pagani Imola* *cough*

  • Luck Voltia
    Luck VoltiaMese fa

    Who is creating these exhaust systems 😭😭😭

  • Nathan Nguyen
    Nathan NguyenMese fa

    doesn't even sound good. the turbos muffled that note so bad.

  • bavariasuhl
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    @10:18 stops illegally in the middle of the road ... lucky someone didnt stop and let you have it. the arrogance .........

  • Love Girl
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    18+ • daily posts, I am Brazilian ! I Love Motors.

    Bongan SPACEBONGZMese fa

    Shinmikeyin really love Paganis. Huayra BC is my favorite

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