My Friend DoctaM3 BOUGHT an SVJ Xago One-of-Ten!

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Check out the new and super rare Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster Xago Edition! There are only 10 in the world and my friend DoctaM3 has bought one, finished with Verde Selvans accents as each car is a unique spec. Meeting at Ikonick The Collection, the Apollo IE is also back!
Launched to coincide with their virtual Ad Personam studio, Lamborghini introduced a highly bespoke and very customised special edition of the Aventador SVJ Roadster. The 10 Xago Edition cars feature paintwork done by hand that takes 120hrs to add specific graphics, with incredible interior detailing taking another additional 80hrs too. Fundamentally they are based on the SVJ itself with the 6.5l NA V12 making 770hp, with these incredible bespoke details in different colours for each car making them all unique.
However, that's not everything going on as I'm meeting up with DoctaM3 at Ikonick The Collection, which has a very special car that's now returned after being absent on my last visit... the Apollo IE! Having filmed previously with Barry and the IE, I'd missed it earlier this year so fantastic to see this extraordinary car again, along with some amazing artwork pieces now featured in the gallery.
Congratulations to DoctaM3 on taking delivery of his awesome SVJ Xago!
And of course to Barry for the visit again to his incredible gallery at Ikonick: The Collection.
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:23 Ikonick Update
01:56 Apollo IE
02:51 More Ikonick
04:34 DoctaM3's Xago
08:06 Interior
10:24 The Name
13:14 Depart
15:30 Wrap Up
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee15028 giorni fa

    DoctaM3 has bought an absolutely incredible SVJ Xago Edition! There are only 10 of them to be made in total, with some extraordinary details by Lamborghini's Ad Personam department. We meet up at Barry Skolnick's Ikonick Collection to check at the Xago and the Apollo IE that's now back.



    26 giorni fa

    Miami the Lamborghini town

  • Jon S

    Jon S

    27 giorni fa

    3:43 So you're wrapping up your "American tour" and you blow past 3 of the most interesting American cars like they don't exist.



    27 giorni fa

    V chen in ypm vlogs

  • Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    27 giorni fa

    Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible Video I'm so glad you got to see DoctaM3 Absolutely Gorgeous Aventador SVJ Xago Edition and I can't wait to see it again at Pebble Beach

  • harveynumber1


    27 giorni fa

    You're full of sh1t. If you'd even heard of this Docktra dude never mind him being your 'friend'... then I'm a phucking djoo boy 🤥

  • Miracle Alien Cookies
    Miracle Alien Cookies6 giorni fa

    Those cars in that garage deserve to be driven :(

  • Anarcho Black
    Anarcho Black19 giorni fa

    That SVJ is so dope. It's special.

  • Mr.Creedy
    Mr.Creedy19 giorni fa

    I do not know why are we watching the videos of the things that we cannot have in our lives

  • sledbc
    sledbc20 giorni fa

    The one in Canada is orange and sitting beside my C8 getting PPF right now :)

  • NocturnalPlur S
    NocturnalPlur S20 giorni fa

    Doesn't look that special at all

  • 2011 3.7stang vids
    2011 3.7stang vids21 giorno fa

    The teal xago is in orlando

  • Ron
    Ron21 giorno fa

    Doc is such a cool guy. I hope to meet him one day.

  • Octane Parker
    Octane Parker22 giorni fa

    Change your intro.

  • John Malone
    John Malone22 giorni fa

    Who cares about your stupid little car with stupid little patterns. Will you just grow up.

  • Alun Jones
    Alun Jones23 giorni fa

    Do Lamborghini actually produce an Aventador that isn't a limited edition of some sort?

  • ldiablo
    ldiablo23 giorni fa

    African Americans are so oppressed in America. 🤣

  • Sequenz dnb
    Sequenz dnb23 giorni fa

    I love your Videos but only mute and with subtitel.

  • realtv101
    realtv10124 giorni fa

    An to think I work for $15 an hour shit is just sad!

  • Vipstarizm
    Vipstarizm24 giorni fa

    Best spec svj hands down. Love it!!!

  • Dank Hill
    Dank Hill24 giorni fa

    Prefer Sv over Svj but that spec.... 🥵

  • Ben is Beast 30
    Ben is Beast 3024 giorni fa

    I saw a sago edition in Orlando like that but blue and white

  • Vasilios L
    Vasilios L24 giorni fa

    Will you visit AutoVlog?

  • A.J. W.
    A.J. W.24 giorni fa

    I also had no clue about this until this video. Thanks for educating us Tim!

  • A.J. W.

    A.J. W.

    24 giorni fa

    @DoctaM3 thanks for the reply! Lovely cars.

  • DoctaM3


    24 giorni fa

    Most people had not heard of it for sure.

  • mark pass
    mark pass24 giorni fa

    One of the most ordinary and uninspiring SVJ’s seen to date...including the stitching...

  • mark pass

    mark pass

    24 giorni fa

    @DoctaM3 Yes I’m sure that it just doesn’t come across as well as it does to the naked eye...regardless of the limits of ITwindow congrats on owning one of the greatest and clearly last V twelves of all time 😄👏👏👏👍 ps I’ve subscribed to your channel to have a further look 😄

  • DoctaM3


    24 giorni fa

    LOL.. you need to see it in person & revisit this statement.

  • Padam D Mgr
    Padam D Mgr24 giorni fa

    Manny khoshbin: Nah it's not Hermes edition

  • divinechimp
    divinechimp25 giorni fa

    Oh he's got money money.

  • James D.C.
    James D.C.25 giorni fa

    My GTA garage isn’t even this nice

  • l8Os
    l8Os25 giorni fa

    Why’s that guy so rich . What company does he own

  • Franklyn Espinal
    Franklyn Espinal25 giorni fa

    Omg this collection is amazing.

  • Connor SHIFT
    Connor SHIFT25 giorni fa

    sometimes I feel these limited edition thing is just a gimmik to carve out some extra bucks

    MrPHILFULL25 giorni fa

    Hands down, the 50th Anniversario will be my fav Aventador of all time. That rear end, damn.

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater25 giorni fa

    The same green as the italian flag 🇮🇹. Now that’s SICK😎👌🏻. That spec IS SO FREAKING SICK, and the interior in white is INSANE😳😱.

  • Look Outside
    Look Outside25 giorni fa

    where is Floridoor?

  • Mark McIntosh
    Mark McIntosh25 giorni fa

    Thank you for explaining all the fine points on this beautiful car. It is very special.

  • 8 W
    8 W25 giorni fa

    MCLaRen hAS ToO mANY vARiANtS tHOuGH

  • Matthew Bond
    Matthew Bond26 giorni fa

    That’s an incredible collection in an amazing space. I thought Shmee was in a dealership at first. Amazing 🙂 Doc is the man ! 🙂

    AMATERASU MAFIA26 giorni fa

    Miami the Lamborghini town

  • tomgreene121
    tomgreene12126 giorni fa

    So millions of people working 4 jobs starve to death every day, and this guy has all theses cars serving no purpose other than to show off. Well DONE!!

  • tomgreene121


    21 giorno fa

    @JA760 That's what all the billionaires who are friends with Bill Gates are doing once they die.

  • JA760


    25 giorni fa

    What do you want him to do? Give all his money away?

  • Zyworski
    Zyworski26 giorni fa

    The very first Lamborghini Countach made appears to be in the same color of green that you say only came on 2 cars, you may need to expand that to 3.

  • DoctaM3


    25 giorni fa

    Repeating what was told to me in my Ad Personam spec session. I will Ask again. At any rate, exceptionally rare color. PS: check. The Countach green you referred to is Verde Metallizzato, not Verde Speranza. The factory stands by its assertion what they told me in my specc'ing session. 👍

  • Thulani Mazibuko
    Thulani Mazibuko26 giorni fa

    Black excellence..

  • Joshua D
    Joshua D26 giorni fa

    Doctam3 is one of The Godfather’s of automotive ITwindow that truly has never got his flowers. Dude has been uploading consistently for seriously 10+ years...well before there was ever any owners showing their cars

  • Rondog54
    Rondog5426 giorni fa

    The Docs new Lamborghini is nice, but the Purplemonte is iconic!!!

  • Divine Drift
    Divine Drift26 giorni fa

    Two gulf 918s?

  • Executive The Don
    Executive The Don26 giorni fa

    Doc is the triple OG.

  • Fredrick Thomas
    Fredrick Thomas26 giorni fa

    Oh and I forgot because of all the excitement...the apollo has and is my favorite ever since I first saw it on you tube year's ago.. sorry I will quit babbling and drooling .

  • Fredrick Thomas
    Fredrick Thomas26 giorni fa


  • Fredrick Thomas
    Fredrick Thomas26 giorni fa

    Wow 😳😳 O.M.G. this is now my favorite collection of cars .I would have picked the same vehicles my dreams. l.o.l. beautiful collection.. perfect , smitten with the variety of cars/ bikes and God only knows what else is there.i even like the style of the gorillas,gator,e.t.c.

  • Miguel Moninhas
    Miguel Moninhas26 giorni fa

    DoctaM3 always with amazing taste on the specs wow my fav spec on an svj amazing what a beautiful car

  • Sean
    Sean26 giorni fa

    Docs car is so awesome...💯💯💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Omar Mohsini
    Omar Mohsini26 giorni fa

    Is that eagle from mercedes Benz stadium Atlanta ?

  • - Xeno -
    - Xeno -26 giorni fa

    Shape-shifter lambo

  • jim10-84w jim10-84w
    jim10-84w jim10-84w26 giorni fa

    No wonder I can't find any cars this greedy sob took them all...

  • NinjaA5795 no mercy
    NinjaA5795 no mercy26 giorni fa

    Shmee you should see stradman new wide body lambo

  • KingRavGT
    KingRavGT26 giorni fa

    Wow, followed him for ages, but never knew he has such a hugh collection!! 😮😮😮

  • Brad Lecerf
    Brad Lecerf26 giorni fa

    Fucking sick livery! Wow

  • redeye flights89
    redeye flights8926 giorni fa

    That 59 Chevy though 😍 best car in that whole collection.

  • peter simunovich
    peter simunovich26 giorni fa

    @Smhee150 would love to see you pick up the blue P1 from Barry. Would be an amazing piece of art for the collection next to the Senna.

  • Andrew Reader
    Andrew Reader26 giorni fa

    The reason for the hexagonal and triangles. Is hexagons have 6sides and triangles have 3sides. And what year was lamborghini founded 1963.🔥🔥🔥

  • Hans Nillesen
    Hans Nillesen26 giorni fa

    Wow what a collection! The skull behind the Aventador Xago reminds you that they can be deadly!

  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith27 giorni fa

    doesnt look like hes oppressed lol

  • Aventador
    Aventador27 giorni fa

    I used to watch DoctaM3 back in the day. Glad he's still one of the best Lamborghini car collectors.

  • RN Kid
    RN Kid27 giorni fa

    A lot of people don't understand that @DoctaM3 is an OG of the car community. Guy has been putting out solid content for over a decade. Genuinely nice guy.

  • NocturnalPlur S

    NocturnalPlur S

    20 giorni fa

    A lot of people don't care either

  • Chris Camps
    Chris Camps27 giorni fa

    Oh so the north pole of Saturn has a weather pattern in an hexagonal shape. That's interesting trivia, I should remember that. And I should also remember luxury car brands go to great lengths to try and sell the exclusivity of their multimilion cars to their multimilion customers. Anything will work really! You know Jupiter has a cloud formation in the shape of a prancing horse that moves around the planet in 90 days counter clock wise? Hence the name 'SF90 Stradale', where the 90 represents the 90 days travel and the SF doesn't only stands for 'Scuderia Ferrari', but als for 'sostantivo femminile', which means 'feminine noun' and refers to the voluptuous female shapes of the car and that the experience is contrary to anything you'd expect from a Ferrari. True thing!

  • Yinzer FPV
    Yinzer FPV27 giorni fa

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  • MllG0
    MllG027 giorni fa

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  • RB26 350z
    RB26 350z27 giorni fa

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    Karan Sheth27 giorni fa

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    YogaFlameTV27 giorni fa

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  • Cory Smith
    Cory Smith27 giorni fa

    The other Xago is in Orlando, FL.

  • John M
    John M27 giorni fa

    I can't believe rich people. All you need to do is put a plaque stating "1 of 10" on a car and you mugs queue up to pay hundreds of thousands extra for one. You are idiots.

  • JA760


    26 giorni fa

    Lamborghini just uses the SVJ as a cash cow, scraping every penny possible out of the flagship SVJ model by introducing 'extra' unnecessary editions such as the 63 editions (Coupe and Roadster) as well as the XAGO; promoting them as rare and limited production models. However, in reality customers are getting the bare minimum in terms of detail for 100s of thousands of dollars (on top of an already existing platform in terms of the 'standard' SVJ coupe and roadster) , when anyone can add a' 63' logo on an SVJ aftermarket for the fraction of the price, the same thing goes for the XAGO's hexagons which can be applied as decals....

  • TK-3078 Fiad Zinn
    TK-3078 Fiad Zinn27 giorni fa

    It's litteraly a GTA Garage!!

    POPAJ GTA27 giorni fa

    i also bought new car on gta 5 check it out :)

  • Scale Crawl NL
    Scale Crawl NL27 giorni fa

    Fun Shmee, thank you! Although, quite looking foward to see you back on home soil, a recap coffee with STG on the podcast, before you head off again 👍😁

  • Irwing Cruz
    Irwing Cruz27 giorni fa

    very interesting 😆😚😄

  • Pete
    Pete27 giorni fa

    Wait, that’s a dealership, not a personal collection, isn’t it?

  • Pete


    26 giorni fa

    @JA760 ah, ok. I googled it and I saw the guy owned Ikonic Motors, which is a dealership. So I guess he runs the business from that building, but the collection cars are his personal and not for sale

  • JA760


    26 giorni fa

    It's the Ikonic collection owned by a collector, not a dealership

  • Hobert Green
    Hobert Green27 giorni fa

    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth,a greater career,purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time.

  • SamTheCar


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    @Some dude lmao

  • Some dude

    Some dude

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  • Maza


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    Lol every comment is fake here lol don’t fall for it !

  • Jan Sharona

    Jan Sharona

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  • Benjamin Cowen

    Benjamin Cowen

    27 giorni fa

    My first investment with Mr Dave Javens gave me the assurance that has made me invest without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends involved with him already.

  • Clarence #39
    Clarence #3927 giorni fa

    The Saleen is the most interesting car for me. They're not often featured in collections online.

  • R A V E N
    R A V E N27 giorni fa

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    Jacques Raymond27 giorni fa

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    Lombe Chewemukulu27 giorni fa

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    TV SOUND SYSTEM27 giorni fa

    Not sure how I feel about Shmee coming back to the UK 😅 the content has been outstanding 👌🏾👊🏾👍🏾

  • PharrellDroid
    PharrellDroid27 giorni fa

    AN incredibile adventure, thank to share with us this wonderful trip across the us.

  • Malvin Uku
    Malvin Uku27 giorni fa

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  • Dany89
    Dany8927 giorni fa

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  • Samuel angelo Evangelista
    Samuel angelo Evangelista27 giorni fa

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  • Colt45caliber
    Colt45caliber27 giorni fa

    My service dog rights project is Docta Canis lol

  • AutoAnorak
    AutoAnorak27 giorni fa

    Docta has been bringing us some of the best Aventador content longer than anyone else on ITwindow. Great to see this collab!

  • James Petersen
    James Petersen27 giorni fa

    What a waste of money on some paint effect.

  • SC OTS
    SC OTS27 giorni fa

    Tbh , the Xago edition isnt worth the money. Things like the Manny Koshbin's Pagani Huarya designed by Hermes is something worth the penny

  • JA760


    26 giorni fa

    You're so right, the 'XAGO' isn't worth the money and nor should it be considered special. The car is just another example of Lamborghini pumping out special edition after special much so they are becoming similar to McLaren. The main focal point of the XAGO edition seems to be those hexagons which can simply be applied as decals on a 'standard' SVJ for a fraction of the cost and achieve and identical effect.

  • DoctaM3


    26 giorni fa

    LOL--define worth. Beside, Manny's Pagani is 5x the cost of the Xago. You can't even compare the 2 so, that doesn't even make sense. 😝

  • SuperRad
    SuperRad27 giorni fa

    what is that orange car just to the right of the Apollo IE?

  • Alexander Hilberger
    Alexander Hilberger27 giorni fa

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    Where did he get all his money from??

  • Ganesh Balasubramani
    Ganesh Balasubramani27 giorni fa

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  • Alrich Jacobs
    Alrich Jacobs27 giorni fa

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    Jose Pedraza27 giorni fa

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    Min-ho Kim27 giorni fa

    I wish Shmee met with Doug DeMuro too before ending the US Edition tour. I think Shmee would love the cars Doug owns, the '05 Ford GT, Audi RS2 Avant, the Defender and other cars he owns.

    CONNECTING VIRAL27 giorni fa

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    Wesley Olifant27 giorni fa

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    Ben Gosling27 giorni fa

    Between Shmee, Jay & Doug I've enjoyed learning of car models I've never heard of

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    Tim mckenzie27 giorni fa

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