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I'm behind the wheel for a test drive in a very special Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport! It's actually being reunited with the same car I first experienced on track in Germany, but this time for a cruise amongst the palm trees in sunny Miami, Florida.
The Chiron Pur Sport is Bugatti's most agile car to date, with numerous changes from the Chiron and Chiron Sport, while being a limited run model of just 60 units. From a dramatically different visual appearance, the Pur Sport wears a more purposeful fascia with additional openings for cooling, through to a fixed wing found at the rear in place of the typical hydraulic air brake found on the Chiron.
The 8 litre quad turbo W16 continues to output 1,500hp and 1,600Nm but thanks to significantly shorter rations on the dual clutch gearbox, the in gear acceleration is hugely increased, although the top speed lowers to 'just' 217mph (350km/h). The dynamics are also changed with a much stiffer set up of 65% at the front and 33% at the rear, with the introduction also of the Sport+ ESC mode for additional opportunities to drive it hard on the track.
With only 60 ever to be built, the Chiron Pur Sport will always be a very rare car but what an incredible opportunity to get behind the wheel of this particularly car... again! My first outing was at Bilster Berg in Germany, a tight, twisty and technical private track, but now a completely different and more daily driving type experience on the roads of Miami, Florida.
In fact, it is only the second car that I have ever driven myself on two different continents, after my own Ford GT; both of which I have driven in each of Germany and Florida too as it happens.
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:53 Walkaround
03:44 Onboard
05:44 On the Road
10:14 Causeway
15:40 Accelerations
19:49 Return
21:28 Final Thoughts
23:41 Wrap Up
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Mese fa

    Recognise this car?! It's actually the very same Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport I drove in Germany last year, now on a second continent, for a drive now that I'm back in Miami, Florida! What do you think, is it the best model from the Bugatti line-up?

  • Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Mese fa

    Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible Video I'm glad you got to drive that Absolutely Incredible Chiron Pur Sport again and I think it's definitely the Best in the Bugatti? Line Up

  • The Supercar Kid

    The Supercar Kid

    Mese fa

    Is this at Braman?

  • guldtegel


    Mese fa

    Congratulations Shmee that’s awesome Tim!! Opportunity to drive a car of that caliber again on a different continent? Yes please 😂 ha ha excellent!!! All the best brother 👌 -Tim G

  • Ryan Rossi

    Ryan Rossi

    Mese fa

    There is no doubt that the Bugatti Chiron is an incredible sports car, but given that these cars are often priced in the millions; what do you gain by having one of these that you don't get in an 812 Superfast which is priced around $400-500K? Without having had the benefit of driving a Bugatti, I couldn't possibly understand the justification.

  • Rv 15

    Rv 15

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    Please upgrade your camera if possible..ty

  • 黄五爷
    黄五爷14 giorni fa

    4k please

  • Ahmad Izzat Shahmier Alhamdulillah
    Ahmad Izzat Shahmier Alhamdulillah20 giorni fa

    Billionaire collection.

  • qs
    qs28 giorni fa

    Doesn't have the US bumper?

  • Roger
    RogerMese fa

    what a car.. Imagine havig this as a daily driver..

  • SiiliViin
    SiiliViinMese fa

    In supercars category, as a daily driver, Bugatti is best, but as a supercar, it is second best. We all know, what is best supercar company.

  • Person
    PersonMese fa

    my dream car

  • Jake The Snake Productions
    Jake The Snake ProductionsMese fa

    I love ya man, but you're in Florida. Take that shit off... lol


    The moment before this car crashed after you reviewed

  • Donnie Nicholson
    Donnie NicholsonMese fa

    who you trying to impress man. aint no car on this earth worth more than 20k.....they all junk. thee worst investment. i get it exactly like you. but instead of like that with woman. the badder the better. priorities man lmao

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  • sidxda
    sidxdaMese fa

    Shmee, I just love when you do Bugatti videos, you truly bring across the beauty and the beast of this car. I’m smiling watching you enjoy this.

  • Bjorn Peuskens
    Bjorn PeuskensMese fa

    And now... Someone hit it into the back of a Corolla. Seems like not everyone's as capable of driving them as Shmee! 😉

  • jquest43
    jquest43Mese fa

    why is there a urinal mounted in the front?

  • wyss matthias
    wyss matthiasMese fa

    Bmw m5 cs has a 1000% nicer interior

  • MrBigpoops
    MrBigpoopsMese fa

    Pretty sure this is the same Pur Sport I saw crash into a Corrola in St. Louis. There's a short clip of it on my page.

  • Tristan
    TristanMese fa

    That is one sexy car

  • comedycopter
    comedycopterMese fa

    In Miami they are not going to let you drive it without an agent, It's a no trust city. Shmee knows more about Bugatti's than the guy keeping on eye on him.

  • Shundarian J Catron
    Shundarian J CatronMese fa

    Shemee do you have plans on driving the Hennessey F5 or SSC Tuatara? AMERICA has 2 hyper cars with something something say both to Bugatti and Koenigsegg. Would love to see you experience raw American engenuity. Further more would love your thoughts on both turbocharged V8 hypercars that's are bespoke.

  • chiane1968
    chiane1968Mese fa

    Shows the reality of paying for something you’ll rarely use.

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    BradythxMese fa

    Will you go to New york?

  • PyroMotteFullHD
    PyroMotteFullHDMese fa

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    Muhammad AbdullahMese fa

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  • Hardy Hensel
    Hardy HenselMese fa

    anyone who can afford this car will not be able to carry speeds in excess of 100 kilometers per hour

  • Shadow
    ShadowMese fa

    The sound of that W16 never gets old

  • Simon Kern
    Simon KernMese fa

    Its the ultimate car, when are you going to invest in one?

  • Brandon Darnes
    Brandon DarnesMese fa

    That guy is acting like he wants to sit as far away from Tim as possible lol

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  • Saif Mehyar
    Saif MehyarMese fa

    Is this the same pur sport who recently hit the driving student car!? Shmee Matrixed that bullet so good! 😅

  • mario20033
    mario20033Mese fa

    I happened to watch this video on a new device without any adblocking....this video reminded me why you always need to have those sweet adblockers installed ASAP.

  • Anvar Paul Sh
    Anvar Paul ShMese fa

    Hi Shmee, I think all of the people who watch your videos, they like to see the road side. Please always show us the front camera 📷 videos.

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    Honey! The Cat Took The Car Again!Mese fa

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    Always different shape and price,

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    Gary DavisMese fa

    Cant wait to see one in your garage Tim 😉

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    John 316Mese fa

    I have a Pur Sport and a Divo and they're both great cars!!

  • Said Garcia
    Said GarciaMese fa

    I cringed watching this videos, just because i know how bad those roads are.

  • Lars-Göran Nordh
    Lars-Göran NordhMese fa

    The Bugatti guy has a lot to learn from Shmee150! He seems a bit awkward and way behind his guest!

  • Lars-Göran Nordh
    Lars-Göran NordhMese fa

    The driver’s door needs greasing😳

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    Deven MistryMese fa

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  • Shawn Bethke
    Shawn BethkeMese fa

    I assume you filmed this when you were in Miami and didn't use it until you saw the news on the crash of the same car earlier this week. I imagine you're back in the UK quarantining at this point.

  • Aryan Saha
    Aryan SahaMese fa

    so are we not going to talk about how this was the Chiron that has an accident

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    Miqdad Sidqi AfifMese fa

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    First car was his Ford Gt

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    Executive The DonMese fa

    Only goes 218, I canceled my order.

  • NA
    NAMese fa

    Never been keen on Bugatti but one of these in British racing green would probably change my mind👀

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    Andy WalravensMese fa

    Number of reviews about the bugatti: 9 500.474 and counting..

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    Anthony GonzalezMese fa

    That car right there, to me, is by far one of the most beautiful cars I've seen. Personally it's that color which stands out so much, such a big fan of that color.

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    Free_Kekistan_420Mese fa

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