New MCLAREN ARTURA! My First Look at the Latest Hybrid Supercar

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Check out the brand new McLaren Artura! It's the new hybrid supercar that's been developed from the ground up with lots of clever technology and impressive features to explore. Let's take a look at the ins and outs during a special visit to the MTC to check out the new Artura!
The name Artura comes from a mix of Art and Future; bringing both design elements from numerous other McLaren models into a package equipped with the next generation of technology and a hybrid powertrain for the first time in a series production McLaren. Learning from the technology of the P1 and Speedtail, Artura features a 3.0l twin turbocharged V6 producing 585hp, combined with electrical assistance for a total output of 680hp and 720Nm.
Join me then for a walkaround of this particular Flux Green example at the Front of House at MTC, the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England.
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:04 What is Artura
03:51 Design
05:08 Powertrain
07:42 Additional Details
08:37 Interior
14:00 Driving Modes
15:11 Next Gen Tech
18:39 Wrap Up
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee15019 giorni fa

    I went down to the McLaren Technology Centre to check out the brand new Artura! It's McLaren's first series production supercar and certainly impresses with tech, but what do you think of it?

  • Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell

    16 giorni fa

    @Christopher Palmer Much better than your Honda civic

  • Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell

    16 giorni fa

    @Christopher Palmer Wrong. It's perfect and ART

  • Christopher Palmer

    Christopher Palmer

    16 giorni fa

    It's a re hash of the same shape time and time again, good but not great

  • Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell

    17 giorni fa

    That car is gorgeous. Get one

  • 75KoDe


    18 giorni fa

    @Bob Andersson your dealer is right.

  • Kayode Modupe-Ojo
    Kayode Modupe-Ojo2 giorni fa

    Absolute pile of shit

  • graham scarfe
    graham scarfe8 giorni fa

    I'll take it

  • dacker71867
    dacker718679 giorni fa

    Is it me or? The door upper body line doesn't match the body lines of the upper quarter panels?

  • justin jay
    justin jay10 giorni fa

    door mirrors suck

  • JL_Broker
    JL_Broker12 giorni fa

    I love everything about it except the lack of spoiler. If it had an active rear wing i think it would be PERFECT. i really like the side intakes and the front

  • Jepyo
    Jepyo12 giorni fa

    8:02 yo that door gap...Lol

  • Mikael Gaspar
    Mikael Gaspar13 giorni fa

    It seems very promissing but almost 700hp it is too much power! Well almost every sports car supercar is overpowered these days and more so in the future. 1100hp Sedan its insane really!

  • Onion Barley
    Onion Barley14 giorni fa

    the new bmw m3's interior it lots nicer

  • Onion Barley
    Onion Barley14 giorni fa

    that's one huge panel gap

  • Switch13
    Switch1314 giorni fa

    Why does the infotainment system kind of look like a massive Apple Watch face? ⌚️

  • legendmusic
    legendmusic15 giorni fa

    Stunning shots great effort! Does anyone else also almost only listen to heavy music like Metallica or Delta Parole when they drive?

  • JWX2020
    JWX202015 giorni fa

    I'll take mine in Tokyo Cyan with the Black+Carbon Pkg's

  • Sorry-but-i'm-ITALIANO
    Sorry-but-i'm-ITALIANO15 giorni fa

    650s front looks better

  • Redlac 700
    Redlac 70016 giorni fa

    Great looking colour. In the sun it will really POP

  • Timeisart1320
    Timeisart132016 giorni fa

    nice car shame about the name

  • Chillee
    Chillee16 giorni fa

    Beautiful looking car, the interior though, looks like a designer from Maclaren Prams was let loose.......Did someone have an accident on the drivers seat, some staining remains.

  • thepointmisser
    thepointmisser16 giorni fa

    that wheel /binnacle is a sea of grey plastic., and the binnacle looks like a V-Tech My FIrst Laptop.

  • quimbunheiro
    quimbunheiro16 giorni fa

    Looks like every other mclaren

  • Jack Randall
    Jack Randall17 giorni fa

    Its nice but I would much rather have a farrari as it gives people more of a fizz

  • Poppa Choppa
    Poppa Choppa17 giorni fa

    just sad that no one will ever get to enjoy these cars, with price tags upwards of 200 grand for "entry" level vehicles is just insanity beyond words, no one can ever save for that and if you could finally afford it, one hit of the gas would ruin your life.

    JOSHUUAAA A17 giorni fa

    My biggest issue is those black wheels , why even bother designing wheels if you’re going to paint them black... but yeah it’s a shame these cars are getting samey now , park that up next to a 675lt wouldn’t look much different hopefully they can let go and make something better soon

  • paul lappid
    paul lappid17 giorni fa

    Not to impressed with the Artura, at least initially. seems like a value entry level car. little cheesy interior.

  • Chris Pinto
    Chris Pinto17 giorni fa

    Kermit Green 🙄

  • Dustin Raney
    Dustin Raney17 giorni fa

    Is the front trunk open??? That panel gap between the front left fender and door is atrocious

  • Dustin Raney

    Dustin Raney

    17 giorni fa

    Also, the rear end looks like the Lykan Hypersport

  • Erik Santoso
    Erik Santoso17 giorni fa

    This is the cheap version of p1.Even it's not cheap at all

  • Aid Rawlinson
    Aid Rawlinson17 giorni fa

    The interior looks so ugly

  • Alen Green
    Alen Green17 giorni fa

    and the next step for Mclaren must be a Crossover SUV with 700 HP.

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater17 giorni fa

    When are u going to drive an Artura Shmee🤔.

  • Marcus Gent
    Marcus Gent17 giorni fa

    I love walking down the long dark hallway with all the F1 cars parked end to end.....very cool building

  • 아드린
    아드린17 giorni fa

    작품이네. 색감도 너무 어울리네요. 이 디자인 그대로 전기차도 나오면 대박일듯

  • Miss Dill male
    Miss Dill male17 giorni fa

    what the hell, he keeps buying cars in less than 24 hours

  • Joe Ca
    Joe Ca17 giorni fa

    another mclaren and a v6, sucks ass!

  • Mark O'Brien
    Mark O'Brien18 giorni fa

    Carbon fiber floor 🤯

  • WheatBreadDealer
    WheatBreadDealer18 giorni fa

    flux green? More like snot yellow.

  • alex hudson
    alex hudson18 giorni fa

    stunning car maybe shmee will get it in cerulian blue lol

  • MonsterSound
    MonsterSound18 giorni fa

    I wonder about the aerodynamic effects of the flying buttresses at speed. They don't seem as smoothly straightforward as say your Ford GT. ?? 👀

  • Colin Hare
    Colin Hare18 giorni fa

    Really spanking the opposition on design nowadays. Just love the fact that you could nip to the shops on electric only but still have the power to please when the roads open up. Great presentation Shmee. Thought the key fob holder was for holding something specific to a gentleman's parts. 😂

  • Wes Lee
    Wes Lee18 giorni fa

    God this car is gorgeous. Only the center screen looks really dated with the big bezels.

  • olaf schubert
    olaf schubert18 giorni fa

    a polo g40 is better

  • Joe raccagna
    Joe raccagna18 giorni fa

    is it me or have they rebodied an nsx ????

  • Hammad Siddiqui
    Hammad Siddiqui18 giorni fa

    I am waiting for the Ford GT speed test :)

  • Ms BettySassyWhite
    Ms BettySassyWhite18 giorni fa

    Yeiiii, another McLaren that looks exactly the same as the others McLarens. They are getting boring.

  • SpritSlash
    SpritSlash18 giorni fa

    The screen looks cheap with those big plastic bezels behind the steering wheel. I hope this is not the final design

  • Sergio Tobon
    Sergio Tobon18 giorni fa

    Hola, from the side it looks like an R8 Audi

  • Alex Antoniou
    Alex Antoniou18 giorni fa

    excellent presentational dear ! Even Mclaren salespeople wouldn’t have mentioned all those details ! Thanx for sharing

  • Z Runner
    Z Runner18 giorni fa

    That door joint looked half an inch out of line 😬

  • Pragasen Naicker
    Pragasen Naicker18 giorni fa

    McLaren taking the fight to the Ferrari Roma..But McLaren is a step ahead with an Hybrid Engine. This would make a great daily car.

  • jack chong
    jack chong18 giorni fa

    Biggest apple watch

  • nasos nasos
    nasos nasos18 giorni fa


  • Ben Goodly
    Ben Goodly18 giorni fa

    That is one drab interior.

  • Bryan Allden
    Bryan Allden18 giorni fa

    The body gaps look awful

  • Carl Saint
    Carl Saint18 giorni fa

    Is it just me that can only focus on the massive panel gaps!

    DJJOOLZDE18 giorni fa

    You know that flat area behind the seats where EVERYONE will put their luggage and whatnot... yeah, about that. Please don't put anything there. It's not designed for that. Please leave it empty. Thank you, very much appreciated. -McLaren Design Team

  • CG
    CG18 giorni fa

    Nice car, but probably the quickest way to burn through cash there is.......the rate of depreciation is Mclarens biggest single issue deterring so many buyers

  • Duffy
    Duffy18 giorni fa

    Tim, I am amazed you can keep all those models sorted in your head 😫

  • Smoke-on-the Tires
    Smoke-on-the Tires18 giorni fa

    This is my new favorite McLaren. I’d get the same color and wheels but would look at the options for interior. There’s so many small details!!

  • One Eleven
    One Eleven18 giorni fa

    Would definitely consider one... but I’m afraid it’s a wait & see initially until following improved...residuals, build quality, customer service....tempted by the 570s at the price it is now but car would be kept outside on drive & apparently the knock sensors don’t like rain🤷‍♂️...seems to me that McLaren have a very difficult task of changing perceptions about themselves even if they can sort all issues.

  • Morrissey
    Morrissey18 giorni fa

    bar the P1, i think this is the best looking Mclaren

  • JMSB B
    JMSB B18 giorni fa

    The car doesn't look well built and the interior looks really cheap. Some parts parts don't line up like the line next to door handle.

  • Anders
    Anders18 giorni fa

    This really needs to become a shmeemobile

  • Abdulrahman Al Shuaibi
    Abdulrahman Al Shuaibi18 giorni fa

    McLaren is way ahead of all other car manufacturers...I see a new model presented every month...

  • Tref J
    Tref J18 giorni fa

    I look forward to driving one of these. Not convinced about those cloth-style clubsport seats as they look worn on the bolsters and fabric already

  • Maarten Slegers
    Maarten Slegers18 giorni fa

    Would like to see this car in a more contrasted color design because know it looks a bit bland.

  • u ubet
    u ubet18 giorni fa

    My thoughts are the cost of it doesn't justify the content you would get to make. If your going to buy something from McLaren it's needs to stand out as much as Senna or Sabre (doesn't need to cost aa much just stand out as much.)

  • Pedro Pires
    Pedro Pires18 giorni fa

    This McLaren Arthur is awesome.

  • Jk Jongen
    Jk Jongen18 giorni fa

    What a Colour! Unbelievable, will look even more cool in the sun. Great design in general.

  • Apoorv Gharde
    Apoorv Gharde18 giorni fa

    This makes me want to buy it! This is so amazing!

  • FeatherGlow1
    FeatherGlow118 giorni fa

    Why is the steering wheel on the left?

  • KliveKushOfficial
    KliveKushOfficial18 giorni fa

    notice the front light air ducts are shaped like the Mclaren Logo

  • KliveKushOfficial
    KliveKushOfficial18 giorni fa

    notice the front light air ducts are shaped like the Mclaren Logo

  • Ho Lee Fok
    Ho Lee Fok18 giorni fa

    100% better than the GT

  • Skeblehask
    Skeblehask18 giorni fa

    The styling just doesn’t do it for me 🤷‍♂️

  • Lee Taylor
    Lee Taylor18 giorni fa

    I'm kinda bored of McLaren. All their cars look the same as the original 12C.

  • Tony Lawton
    Tony Lawton18 giorni fa

    I see maclaren have put braille on the power train button for if a blind person wants to have a drive.

  • Claudiu Gardelli
    Claudiu Gardelli18 giorni fa

    This car looks so outdated.

  • ryan juarez
    ryan juarez18 giorni fa

    Curious what a atria LT would look like this is already crazy

  • Phillip Collins
    Phillip Collins18 giorni fa

    The rear of the car..hmmm ..finally updated and improved the dash though 👍

  • Khaizuran K-Man
    Khaizuran K-Man18 giorni fa

    I think it look beautiful car mclaren ever made👍

  • Tuc Lance
    Tuc Lance18 giorni fa

    YES i always wanted a seat key pocket LOL!

  • Riki Coleman
    Riki Coleman18 giorni fa

    It is not a "Mclaren speedmark" it was created as a silhouette of a Kiwi bird in New Zealand.Mclaren is was a NZ brand made by Bruce Mclaren.

  • TikTok Weekly
    TikTok Weekly18 giorni fa

    Loved you in the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' film

  • Eugene Ndungu
    Eugene Ndungu18 giorni fa

    At the rear it reminds me of the GT alot and in front the 720s

  • 0wninguplz
    0wninguplz18 giorni fa


  • Thomas Wright
    Thomas Wright18 giorni fa

    Very boring car

  • L4WNY
    L4WNY18 giorni fa

    Looks like they took the interior from a Mk2 Focus RS!! 😝

  • Nuno Sousa
    Nuno Sousa18 giorni fa


  • spadgm
    spadgm18 giorni fa

    I like it!, it looks mad in that color too!

  • Christian Buczko
    Christian Buczko18 giorni fa

    Im not a fan, i really hate that ugly colour, and it seems boring overall. Its not got the same standout looks previous maclarens have since the p1. A nicer colour would help the looks alot.

  • Christian Buczko

    Christian Buczko

    18 giorni fa

    It really didnt help showing that thumbnail at the end with the other extreme colour car inset..

  • lan Armstrong
    lan Armstrong18 giorni fa


  • BuildNMotion
    BuildNMotion18 giorni fa

    Dope ride!

    KAVIN KUMARASAMY18 giorni fa

    why dont u buy a mclaren artura,it has 671 hp ,maybe can use it as a daily driver

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord18 giorni fa

    Just looks very plain, just no innovation just looks the same as all MacLarens and also you’ll lose about half its value in about a year.... buy a SF90

  • Mitchell Corlett
    Mitchell Corlett18 giorni fa

    I hate how chunky the screen is behind the wheel

  • Lee Mace
    Lee Mace18 giorni fa

    Not a fan of super cars shmee but love ur videos can’t wait to see the GR Yaris more in it new livery

  • Jeremy Flowers
    Jeremy Flowers18 giorni fa

    The shape/colour is nice with matching break calipers. But I don't like the way the panels are connected - too many seams. The doors don't marry properly either. Seam theme continues inside. Centre of dash... On doors themselves too by wing mirror/windows.

  • savetheavocados
    savetheavocados18 giorni fa

    Those front louveres are shaped an awful lot like the Speedy Kiwi🤔

  • Donald Owens III
    Donald Owens III18 giorni fa

    How are you able to give such a thorough, deep, and fast-paced presentation of each car in really long takes like you do? It’s incredible to watch, glad to see you doing well!

  • Lloyd Davis
    Lloyd Davis18 giorni fa

    The LT version is going to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Monopoly Billionaire

    Monopoly Billionaire

    7 giorni fa


  • 6one9
    6one918 giorni fa

    I’m not shmeeeeeeee Helllooooo

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