The Surprisingly Expensive Maintenance Cost for My Ford GT!

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My Ford GT's maintenance so far has been very reasonable priced, until the latest bill arrived! After 2 years and some hard running, I had a full service carried out to ensure it's in perfect shape and one part turned out to be very, very expensive...
Generally speaking the costs of running the Ford GT are very reasonable; from the annual oil change services to new tyres and other consumables. However, it turns out that there's one part that's excruciatingly painful when it comes to replacing and that's the brake pads. I dread to think what the discs might cost when the time comes, but the pads alone are several times that of the pricing you'd find on other equivalent performance supercars.
However, it's been a while since the car has seen much use for a variety of reasons. Following the tour last summer to Germany where it spent some time at Apex and plenty of Nurburgring laps, it went for a fairly major 2nd year overhaul service, then with winter weather it stayed in storage before I've ended up being out of the country for 4 months - so without any further ado, it's time for a drive!
Kicking off with the GT beside the Taycan Turbo S, the fun thing is that they are the two cars in the garage with contrast gold accents which does make me wonder how the GT would look with gold wheels to match the stripes. From there it's a run out into the countryside for some nice roads and an opportunity to run it up through the revs, exactly as a car like this should!
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:49 GT and Taycan
02:41 GT Updates
04:32 Driving in London
07:06 Countryside
09:48 Surprise Costs
13:51 Wrap Up
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee15022 giorni fa

    The Ford GT is back out to play, and what a car it is! However, the major service carried out when it reached 2 years old has brought one single surprisingly expensive part that needed to be replaced... whoops!

  • Timborghini Tube

    Timborghini Tube

    10 giorni fa

    ....and that Gemera... OMG! If I were a multi-millionaire that would be my first expensive purchase

  • Timborghini Tube

    Timborghini Tube

    10 giorni fa

    Thank you for another great video, Tim! There's something remarkable about people on ITwindow named Tim releasing great content.... :D Would love to see some videos on the new Hennessy Hypercar

  • Gregorious Anomalous

    Gregorious Anomalous

    19 giorni fa

    A decade or so ago, the U.S. government directed funds to the automobile manufacturers to help them remain financially solvent. Ford was the only manufacturer to not accept any taxpayers funded bailout money. Opting instead to let Shmee do it❓

  • GO TIME 123

    GO TIME 123

    21 giorno fa


  • Prickly Pear TV

    Prickly Pear TV

    21 giorno fa

    The Ford gt is brilliant and I only buy JDM cars maybe the first non JDM in my garage

  • Marine Forces
    Marine Forces7 ore fa

    ??? why don't u go and borrow urself any car u just need for a day or a week or so ... u got ur reasons !

  • cafe88 racer
    cafe88 racerGiorno fa

    thats some stealership pricing lol

  • Francisco Alves Porto
    Francisco Alves Porto7 giorni fa

    Hi Tim. I’m a follower of the channel for some time and was surprised to know that the Ford GT was the car you were most excited to get/received. Why? You have experienced so many amazing machines. Why is this different from the others?

  • William O'Leary
    William O'Leary7 giorni fa

    Hands down this would be the car of yours I’d want. The look. the performance, the history...yep this is the one

  • William O'Leary
    William O'Leary7 giorni fa

    I want this problem. This car looks fantastic!

  • Sandy garage
    Sandy garage7 giorni fa

    I wouldn't mind a Superlite GT-R in the same colour's as Shmee's Ford GT.

  • sidhead
    sidhead9 giorni fa

    Alcantara probably just needs a good going over with baby wipes. Wheel not straight needs wheel alignment to fix.

  • Franco M
    Franco M9 giorni fa

    Car needed new brake pads. Cost about £5k. Have 15 mins of your life back. You’re welcome.

  • Edson Pereira
    Edson Pereira10 giorni fa

    shmee edit a photo of the ford-gt and paint those wheels as gold to see if you like the result

  • Alex Ortner
    Alex Ortner10 giorni fa

    You still need to get a lapel mic you can't be heard over the exhaust. I can't waste my time with this nonsense.

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen11 giorni fa

    Sounds like a retirement ceremony for thr GT ?....maybe the STO will take up the slack

  • ACP Telford
    ACP Telford11 giorni fa

    There’s one born every minute.

  • Tom Bullock
    Tom Bullock13 giorni fa

    A very honest video. Thank you for explaining the costs and how shocked you were by them. Appreciate all the content and your continuing honest, knowledgable content.

  • O O
    O O13 giorni fa

    Ok after all these years, I’m going to say it. Shmee sounds like a sex phone operator from the 80’s! Each video cost $3.99 per minute!

    JYMBO14 giorni fa

    The service for your GT cost more than my last 2 cars combined LOL

  • Furman O'Dell
    Furman O'Dell15 giorni fa

    You gotta pay to play.

  • Nismo X
    Nismo X15 giorni fa

    Carbontastic makes fantastic steering wheels

  • Nismo X
    Nismo X15 giorni fa

    Knowing GT is on outsourced car I expected

  • Riaz Karamali
    Riaz Karamali16 giorni fa

    If that is only the brake pads!! I wonder how much the ceramic rotors are???😳😳

  • Tommy Van der veken
    Tommy Van der veken16 giorni fa

    well done i love how present your self

  • Matt Nis
    Matt Nis17 giorni fa

    That’s $1k per pad.

  • Ian Alderton
    Ian Alderton17 giorni fa

    love the guy, but Schmee 'could be' an anagram for anorak ? ! ; ))

  • John Herne
    John Herne17 giorni fa

    That’s Trotters Bottom?

  • Stafford J
    Stafford J17 giorni fa

    Oooh look at me and all money. Dull, dull, dull. I imagine you'd still be a virgin if it wasn't for your bulging wallet 🙄

  • Stephen Curran
    Stephen Curran18 giorni fa

    You know you should get one more ford for your collection. The first fast ford a 1960s lotus cortina would be great in your collection

  • matthew roberts
    matthew roberts18 giorni fa

    Well done tim great videos as per usual

  • Chris Ewing
    Chris Ewing18 giorni fa

    Would have never guessed the brake pads would be significantly more expensive than comparable Ferrari or Mclaren. So refreshing to see someone actually driving and using the car in its element, and not just a garage queen. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Steve Peary
    Steve Peary18 giorni fa

    I think your service provider is taking the p15s. £5.5k for pads and it comes back with the steering wheel out of line

  • Milton Tan
    Milton Tan18 giorni fa


  • necron 1050
    necron 105018 giorni fa

    i Know nobody will ever see this but its really bugging me, the car has 8 pads not 4 (inside and outside for each wheel)

  • Mud Plugging

    Mud Plugging

    16 giorni fa

    Bugging me equally. The whole episode needs to be uploaded again with the correct data.

  • d nic
    d nic18 giorni fa

    Expensive car what's up with the headrest if you were in head on you would get serious whiplash due to the fact it's about a foot away from your head

  • AL Ian
    AL Ian18 giorni fa

    *The brake pads cost more than the wheels?* 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂🤣

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    Jason Cruise18 giorni fa


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    Jerry Whitworth18 giorni fa

    It is 1 of deam cars to own. But I need to win the lottery first.

  • Martin Pease
    Martin Pease18 giorni fa

    LHD, I just couldn't do it.

  • JaMocha Shauntavius Tyson
    JaMocha Shauntavius Tyson19 giorni fa

    Besides the brakes, you should probably replace the seats. Who knows how many times you have f arted on them, you tubby little tart.

  • blaquechylde
    blaquechylde19 giorni fa

    07:07 it's as if the car was telling him "Shut up and drive" and I was like "yeah, so I can sit down and listen"

  • Gilliboy
    Gilliboy19 giorni fa

    I wonder what’s the manufacturing cost of those breaking pads. I’m no expert but shouldn’t there be some „standard“ breakingpads even for cars with this kind of horsepower?

  • Alpha Fort
    Alpha Fort19 giorni fa

    Is someone blending a smoothie near ur cars?

  • D C
    D C19 giorni fa

    Thought discs and pads all round at 1k was expensive on a RS4 😱

  • kreiseltower
    kreiseltower19 giorni fa

    Thanks for the video. I still wonder how much of the costs of things like brake pads/discs are justified as a technical background and how much of it is just a rip off for rich guys who can afford it.

  • Mr BMW
    Mr BMW19 giorni fa

    The steering is suffering from Camber Twist if you drive it for 20 or so miles on the opposite side of the road it will right itself 🙂 also please get a tan as you are not proper LA without it 🙂

  • anthony851
    anthony85119 giorni fa

    In the last 30 days your views were slightly higher than my lifetime total so you are likely to have the wherewithal to cover the costs of a service. The total across the fleet must be up there! Hi from NZ, Anthony.

  • FalconXE302
    FalconXE30219 giorni fa

    Wow man... I feel so sorry for you... The Taycan damage, and now the terribly costly brake service... I really hope things start looking up for you soon.

  • James Pugh
    James Pugh19 giorni fa

    Wow that price for pads is crazy . But love ur spec on that Ford gt theo

  • Eric C.
    Eric C.19 giorni fa

    Does the GT actually use £20 notes stacked on top of each other as brake pads?

  • Rob Amner
    Rob Amner20 giorni fa

    But halfords do a lifetime on pads...

  • Phil Hawtin
    Phil Hawtin20 giorni fa


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    Joey Whittaker20 giorni fa

    Your microphone is awful mate

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    John Smith20 giorni fa

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    Bradley Guliker20 giorni fa

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    Jakobly20 giorni fa

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  • Dan M
    Dan M20 giorni fa

    $12k for brake pads?!?! I can understand that on a bugatti or laferrari hypercar bc the dealers/parts are rare but ford should be able to source even rare parts easier, their network is just bigger. Pads for $12k is outrageous

  • Michele Romano
    Michele Romano20 giorni fa

    🤯 with 6000 miles on the clock . That’s insane

  • Gracho DerUnwiderstehlichen
    Gracho DerUnwiderstehlichen20 giorni fa

    However the planet turn into , hold on "not for sale -idiots!" turn out that you write history ...i wish you well (with a not german product) Ford ist Frontlastig !!! i will not turn back my opinion !

  • The Russian Bear
    The Russian Bear20 giorni fa

    12000 dollars later and they gave it back with a misaligned steering wheel, nice.

  • swiper1818
    swiper181820 giorni fa

    Alan Mann's son's look after some of his old cars...! now I understand the homage color scheme!

  • Fenglin Yang
    Fenglin Yang20 giorni fa

    U can’t go gold wheel which will destroy its look ....

  • ttomred4000
    ttomred400020 giorni fa

    Sorry mate, im just not a fan of the wheels. They look cheap. In my opinion. Each to their own

  • JGibb 62
    JGibb 6220 giorni fa

    Not complaining? BS

  • Andrew Wilkes
    Andrew Wilkes20 giorni fa

    I changed the ventilated discs on my Ford Escort back in the day since they were badly gouged and I was surprised that the discs were cheaper than the pads. Maybe a Ford thing?

  • Tom Ranum
    Tom Ranum20 giorni fa

    Ohh sunglass time......btw. 12500,- is nothing compared to other brands.

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  • Marvdogger2
    Marvdogger220 giorni fa

    My dentist showed me the service bill for his F40 three or four years ago and it was £14k.

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    Martin Boulden20 giorni fa

    Ouch ! I hope they serve decent coffee at that Ford Service Centre !

  • Hans Honstatzky
    Hans Honstatzky20 giorni fa

    Thanks for being so open with the cost of owning a supercar like the GT cheers

  • RobReports
    RobReports20 giorni fa

    It was not that expensive for so much build up drama.

  • Charlie
    Charlie20 giorni fa

    Just the brake pad alone is a pound per mile

  • A.J. W.
    A.J. W.20 giorni fa

    Would love to take car like that on roads like those! What a great drive.

  • PyroMotteFullHD
    PyroMotteFullHD20 giorni fa

    So great car.

  • K S
    K S20 giorni fa

    Come to think of it, not only would i like to see the GT with wheels the same as the stripes, but curious what it would look like if you wrapped all the charcoal grey bits in that color as well. Garish overkill, perhaps, but I'd love to just see it.

  • K S
    K S20 giorni fa

    I'd like to see it with the gold wheels as well. Might be too much, might be great.

  • the1beard
    the1beard21 giorno fa

    😂 £5,500 for pads Bonkers Almost £1 a mile in pads 6,000 Miles and the steering wheel is looking tired.... 😂 👍

  • Andrew Hurst
    Andrew Hurst21 giorno fa

    Still cheaper than the Akebono pads on the McLaren P1.

  • Nicholas Heath
    Nicholas Heath21 giorno fa

    Those pads seem way more expensive than they should be. Supercar tax just because they can??

  • Bradythx
    Bradythx21 giorno fa

    Btw your steering being off a few degree's, you could check the brakes, maybe one brake is putting abit of pressure on some disc and its pulling you slightly. Or maybe optical check

  • Bradythx
    Bradythx21 giorno fa

    City's are death to any kind of sports or super cars, they're made to be driven at high RPM's

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    MrHewy7821 giorno fa

    Purely and simply exploiting the rich because they can afford it.... 5.5k for brake pads 🥴

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    ACP Telford

    11 giorni fa

    They’re mostly foolish enough to pay

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  • Your Top Comment
    Your Top Comment21 giorno fa

    Well, cars are not just assets, they are liabilities, too.

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    elmin21 giorno fa

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    Brandon Cantrell21 giorno fa

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    Tanner Lee21 giorno fa

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