The Ultimate Luxury Powerhouse SUV!? Alpina XB7 Test Drive

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When it comes to ultimate SUVs, the Alpina XB7 is right up there! Based on the BMW X7 model, with the flagship level of quality from Alpina, the XB7 mates big power and big technology with luxury. Let's check it out and go out for a test drive to see what it's like!
Alpina models are built on the very same production line as their BMW equivalents, in the case of the XB7 and X7 models that means in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. The XB7 has a 4.4l twin power turbo V8 making 621 horsepower and 800Nm (590 lb-ft) of torque, plentiful power despite the size.
Specific for the Alpina model are a number of elements; from the visual upgrades to the front apron and large 23" Alpina classic wheels, to a new Comfort Plus suspension setting and associated hardware upgrades for a magic carpet ride. It also features upgraded brakes, a new exhaust system, tweaks to the engine and gearbox, and an interior with plenty of bespoke and exclusive touches with top quality leathers and materials.
Starting with a walkaround, we can explore the unique touches on the Alpina XB7 and in particular check out the incredibly luxurious interior. There's a lot to see before then going out for a drive in sunny California for more of an idea of what it's all about.
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:30 Walkaround
05:17 Road Test
12:17 Interior and Tech
18:02 Wrap Up
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Mese fa

    Join me to check out the Alpina XB7, very much the flagship of the BMW X7 range mating big power and big technology to incredibly high levels of luxury. There are numerous special touches to the Alpina model versus other X7s, we can explore these and take it out for a drive to see what it's all about. Is it your ultimate luxury SUV?

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    buy it

  • Ryan Thompson

    Ryan Thompson

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    @Edgar Gomes that's new price. I didn't look for used XB7s I wouldn't pay that much money for an SUV. EVER!

  • Edgar Gomes

    Edgar Gomes

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    @Ryan Thompson that's reasonably doable 2nd hand OR brand new???

  • Edgar Gomes

    Edgar Gomes

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    Where does the 'B' stands for in XB7???



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    Is this a friends Alpina?It has New Jersey license plates in California.

  • Johan S
    Johan S13 giorni fa

    Dont know About the design esp the back from the side, but im sure it looks better irl . But when it comes to design this alpina , Maybach gls, Audi Q8 etc no one of those has the presence of the Rolls Royce cullinan. It just Screams boss and luxury and it Looks like it Would swallow the others , still the design is ”simple” compare to the others. Those look like they tried to hard to make a Suv look like a luxury sedan

  • Juan Velazquez
    Juan Velazquez23 giorni fa

    Esta suv de lujo deberia tener el motor v12 de la serie 7 para que realmente sea la Suv que aspira ser

  • Vibrant Alien
    Vibrant AlienMese fa

    He's tom Cruze lite😁

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  • Vegard Hagen
    Vegard HagenMese fa

    Did someone pick up the price? I didnt hear anything about that.

  • Mcm Mcm
    Mcm McmMese fa

    what can I say nearly looks as bad as a high end Nissan x trail the fake trim wouldn’t drive one if u gave it to me rather drive a lada riva hang on the engine would probably last longer in lada.

  • ibzzy
    ibzzyMese fa

    comfort plus is on normal bm’s as well

  • Turismo


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  • A K
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    That's a heck of a lot of SUV *especially with the third row down*

  • Simon Simon
    Simon SimonMese fa

    A foul and disgusting eyesore, beloved of the riff-raff with more money than taste & sense!

  • Sean
    SeanMese fa

    The Chinese inspired front end looks like a buck tooth beaver.

  • Sebas987
    Sebas987Mese fa

    Has this the same engine of the correspondent BMW X7?

  • Marianne Grace Nepomuceno Bagay
    Marianne Grace Nepomuceno BagayMese fa

    why is everyone saying that car is ugly its great

  • John H
    John HMese fa

    As always, Shmee does a great job! Only problem is, why the hell does anyone need a car that BIG? Luxury? I'd say an X5 would be fine (still huge) or a 5 or 7 series even. If it carries 6 almost always (as a working vehicle), only then would it be semi justifiable, but most of the time, off to the shops or hairdressers with one or two ppl in it! It's a look at me car, thanks but no thanks!

  • Spity
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    Unfortunately it is super ugly

  • MitchOG
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    no paddles???

  • Shmee150


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    No, more like buttons

  • Jens Vielmann
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    Was there supposed to be a race between yourself and Emilia on this channel?

  • Lilbizkit
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    A very lethargic review of what is quite a nice car. Maybe if it had a stupidly loud exhaust, Shmee would have exhibited some more enthusiasm.

  • Alberto Genato

    Alberto Genato

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    At the rate he releases videos, he doesn’t have time for creativity. It’s quantity over quality

  • Hamz Ron
    Hamz RonMese fa

    Why doesn't he invest in a cameraman? His been in ITwindow for quite awhile now and the quality of videos has not improved...

  • VikVaughan


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    It's ITwindow not a TV show. Half the appeal is that he's just a guy with his own camera doing what he loves.

  • Daryl Johnson
    Daryl JohnsonMese fa

    Good work Shmee!

  • jonathan patterson
    jonathan pattersonMese fa

    One Ugly Vehicle.

  • Benny Elsa
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    Hi u can help me please

  • A
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    The introduction gets me every time :)

  • Dharmik Cars
    Dharmik CarsMese fa

    Best wishes from India 🇮🇳

  • Darren Prior
    Darren PriorMese fa

    My God. BMW make some of the ugliest garbage on earth.

  • Paulo M
    Paulo MMese fa

    Alpina has done it once again!

  • Floyd Coppage
    Floyd CoppageMese fa

    Looking at this vehicle reminds of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer tells the lady she is just as beautiful as a model, she just needs a nose job.


    Is it only me. But i think the starting looks like doug demuro

  • Bwill7285
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    Is shmee the best automotive youtuber? truly on top of the game... kudos to him and his hustle

  • Bwill7285
    Bwill7285Mese fa

    23'' rims, back in my day 18'' was nice and 20'' was HUGE!

  • Pragatish
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    You have to meet chrisfix if you are in New Jersey

  • Ed Ma
    Ed MaMese fa

    1 question your in cal with aplina with new jersey plates with only 2893 miles

  • Cristiano Reda
    Cristiano RedaMese fa

    15:17 did you notice the scratch on the rear door???

  • Lilbizkit
    LilbizkitMese fa

    It's not very elegant is it? Why not just get an Alpina 7 series?

  • raboratory
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  • MauriceBln1
    MauriceBln1Mese fa

    Alpina is great!! Rare and exclusive!

  • Ferri Sabo
    Ferri SaboMese fa

    Boring steering wheel

  • Chris Zenko
    Chris ZenkoMese fa

    i prefer the Jaguar SVR F Pace it has only a little over 500 Hp but the looks and styling make up for it the XB7 is more suited for a older buyer

  • Scary_Movies
    Scary_MoviesMese fa

    Top ///

  • martin1444
    martin1444Mese fa

    What’s wrong with the ambient light??still the same!only a few colors,need a upgrade!!!Check out Benz

  • Iain F
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    #Shquad.......hi Tim...trying to be a range rover...with extra umph....

  • bEnder
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    To be honest your videos make me as calm as that Alpina XB7 makes you calm

  • Joël Anijs
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    Want to see his new garage so badly

  • WarHammer1911A1
    WarHammer1911A1Mese fa

    So, it has more space for luggage than a Ford GT? And: 14:00 Those aren't "blinds", they're "peasant blockers".

  • Ty Bozeman
    Ty BozemanMese fa

    Heck yeah Alpina! I used to install the wiring harnesses for the X5-7 at Plant Spartanburg

  • ZOŇƏ
    ZOŇƏMese fa

    Most genuine person in auto mobile industry

  • David Freeman
    David FreemanMese fa

    A very impressive machine, and would probably make a more alternative choice to say a rols or one of the top notch mercs as well.

  • Calvin Kwikkers
    Calvin KwikkersMese fa

    How is that compared to Mercedes GLS (Maybach)

  • Tiger Ahanaf
    Tiger AhanafMese fa

    When will this car be launched in Bangladesh?It would be conducive if anybody respond to my enquiry.

  • iceman111177
    iceman111177Mese fa

    looks like a taxi. horrible!

  • Dr12345678910
    Dr12345678910Mese fa

    Smee What type of pricing does the Alpina options add on to base? Assuming you can customize at the dealership? Best

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  • jtothepmusic
    jtothepmusicMese fa

    I find its looks very challenging!

    SCOTT FLYNNMese fa

    BMW is doing a great job with their new colors the Bodywork and wheels look amazing as well I definitely love this thing

  • Pacific Northwest Native
    Pacific Northwest NativeMese fa

    Beemers front grills make me gag!! Why?!! Why?!!, and....WHY??!

  • rippy123456
    rippy123456Mese fa

    That is one quick car for a seven seater, very impressive indeed.

  • LJ Steacker
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    My name is in that license number lol and I’m from New Jersey

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    i hate bmw nose grill

  • Herme Bloom
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    Doug Demuro move over!,,,,,,,,No quirks, no tee shirts, Hopefully before your tour is complete you and Doug produce a review together

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    Very luxury, of course!

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    Ads are creeping in please don’t You need to resist the temptation

  • Ryan Johnson
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    That’s a New Jersey plate

  • Nivan Jordan
    Nivan JordanMese fa

    Too much chrome, silver bits! Aaarrrgghhh..

  • Thom Appelman
    Thom AppelmanMese fa

    Somehow the X7 grille looks normal now compared to BMW recent models.

  • Jakeyboy
    JakeyboyMese fa

    Why are front brakes getting bigger and rear brakes getting smaller? I thought bigger brakes all round would be better?

  • KevinPrinzPi
    KevinPrinzPiMese fa

    5:21 Walter White enters the chat.

  • Peter Moody
    Peter MoodyMese fa

    Finally! I'm so happy you drove an X7 albeit an XB7. They are amazing machines.

  • Mike Wan
    Mike WanMese fa

    Shmee I live right there! Welcome to crystal cove lad!!

  • C Brooks
    C BrooksMese fa

    Lottery win - Alpine would get a lot of business from me - speed & sophistication - Great everyday machines if you have the money....

  • Stephen Lane
    Stephen LaneMese fa

    Love Alpina's and the XB7 is a great SUV, Sporty and luxurious. I'm hoping to order one when I go back to New Zealand.

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  • Sahil Dhindsa
    Sahil DhindsaMese fa

    Dead average

  • shamin manoharan
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    That grill is wider than my

  • Mahmood Hamood
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    Those wheels look like they are from a Mercedes

  • Spazik86
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    Those white leather seats - such a horrible practicality... :D

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  • J2XR
    J2XRMese fa

    Its a shame that they do not start off with the M Pack. Would have been nice to have the M Steering wheel...

  • Grey man
    Grey manMese fa

    This will be used to pick the kids up from school when they could easily walk or driving around Chelsea or Harrods very slow just to say look I'm rich. Another pointless massive 4x4 bought from the wrong reasons.

  • motheo akim
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    Will you ever do an African tour?

  • Abdullah Bhutta
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    last thing i want to know is what this thing costs?

  • Scott Thomson
    Scott ThomsonMese fa

    The power is crazy but in all honesty I'd rather have a Gv80. All the luxury, 375hp and at least half the price for 7/8ths the vehicle. Easy math. If its good enough for Tiger...!!!

  • Jyt
    JytMese fa

    Best looking BMW of the generation

  • Look Outside
    Look OutsideMese fa

    Looks awful with those chrome accents.

  • Carl Tang
    Carl TangMese fa

    Now you're close Orange County / San Diego, are you going to meet Doug for a video?

  • Anthony Blacker
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    It seems, as usual, Shmee shows up and the annual rain comes as well to Southern California..

  • P3T3R
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    Jenks CxMese fa

    Those rims are simply godly

  • Vinay Patil
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    I truly appreciate this guy that how hard he works for us guys He uploads everyday!

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    11:17 I wonder if the GLE63 wanted to race lol

  • Spidersinspace
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    Nice drive through Newport Beach.

  • King Draco
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    That colour just looks beautiful on that car for some reason

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    Shmee really brings the British weather alongside him.

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    I've never heard a English men who's forgotten his own language

  • Landon Gamer #DUCKSQAUD
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    Love the BMW X7 the alpina BMW X7 means business

  • Worldwide Darts
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    I would prefer to ditch the 3rd row seating and make everything larger in the back seats.

  • Norbert Anderka
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    Nice rims

  • Nicholson Soibam
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    Say the price of every car that you show

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    XB7 is 🔥

  • Ali Haider
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    Absolutely amazing camera work. Loved it!!

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    The large (ugly) grille doesn't look too bad on this 4x4 due to its size as opposed to other models such as the 3 or 5 series

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